'Roger Federer has so much experience and knows...', says former Top 5

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'Roger Federer has so much experience and knows...', says former Top 5

Few tournaments to sip your energy and try to extend your career as long as possible. For some years now, this has been Roger Federer's recipe, ready for the big comeback next week in Doha after more than a year without matches.

Following his philosophy, the Rhenish announced on Monday that he will not participate in the Masters 1000 in Miami scheduled between the end of March and the beginning of April. A news that the director of the tournament James Blake understands and accepts: «The absence of him? We would certainly have wanted Roger to return to Miami to defend the title he won in 2019, but we must also accept this decision.

As a former player, I can easily understand that. Roger is an incredible ambassador for this sport, so the longer he is able to play on the circuit, the better he is for all of tennis». However, the organizers of the tournament are confident of finding the Rossocrociato again in 2022.

Rainer Schuetter, meanwhile, is a former World No. 5 who played Roger Federer four times on tour - winning their last encounter (at the Dubai Open) in 2002. While speaking to Eurosport, the German lavished praise on Federer's career and stressed that the Swiss would maintain his status as an all-time great irrespective of how he fares from now on.

Schuettler discusses Roger Federer's return

"What Roger Federer has achieved and achieved in his career will always remain outstanding," Rainer Schuettler said. "He has broken so many records and won tournaments that even a few defeats would not change that."

According to the 2003 Australian Open runner-up, Roger Federer knows how to deal with long injury breaks and understands his physical needs exceptionally well. "Even after his last injury break, Roger showed that a longer break can be expected," Schuettler went on.

"He has so much experience and knows his body extremely well." Roger Federer begins his long-awaited return to the sport next week. But before that, he shocked his fans and the tennis world as he withdrew from Miami Open 2021.

It was a surprising decision, as Federer is the defending champion in Miami and was set to lose his 1000 points. But now, to his relief, he will only lose half of it because of the latest ATP rule change. Federer current ranking points stand at 6630 points.

Thus losing 500 points will put him behind Stefanos Tsitsipas in 6th. Tsitsipas is currently at 6595 points and will replace Federer in the top five of the ATP rankings after the conclusion of Miami Open 2021.