Roger Federer: I was down after second surgery but my career is not over yet

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Roger Federer: I was down after second surgery but my career is not over yet

Swiss Roger Federer, 39, is looking forward to his comeback to the Tour as he believes that his career is ''not over yet.' ' Federer, a former world No. 1, underwent two knee surgeries last year and he is set to kick off his 2021 season in Doha.

''I just have the feeling that my career is not over yet. I will find out how I still like life on the tour now, with the quarantine, the difficult travel. I hope that I can play for tournament wins again,'' Federer said, per Rene Stauffer.

''I have to get through Doha first, then see how things look in Dubai. Then a month of training, then we see how it looks for the clay season. The year is long. I still need a lot of answers before I know what the clay season looks like for me.'


Federer was keeping up with tennis news and results

While recovering from the surgeries, Federer regularly followed results at tournaments. ''I watched a lot of tennis - I wanted to know what was going on, and checked the results almost every two hours, including the results of Challenger tournaments and doubles.

I was impressed with how high the level was,'' Federer revealed. Federer, a record 20-time Grand Slam champion, admitted that he was ''down'' after the second surgery. ''I was down after the second operation, I questioned everything.

Wimbledon was canceled and the pandemic was severe. But I knew whether I was coming back or not - and that was my goal -. I just wanted to get well again ''I have to take it match by match. First Doha, then decide:what about Dubai? After Dubai there is a fitness unit of four to six weeks. I hope then I'll be even more explosive. For the time being I'm only planning until Wimbledon.' '