'If everything comes together, Roger Federer can...', says former star

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'If everything comes together, Roger Federer can...', says former star

Roger Federer is returning, but we risked not seeing him. "I was down in the dumps after the second operation. With Wimbledon canceled and the pandemic underway. I only thought about getting well. And today I hope to be able to play long enough to see the spectators in the stands again."

Tennis is therefore celebrating: we were waiting for it, many could not do without it, many have invoked it as the Messiah, as inspiration in these dark times. In Doha everything is ready for the return of the Swiss who has been missing for almost a year and who will turn 40 in August.

But this return was not so automatic, so obvious. He revealed it himself, on the eve of his 'debut' in the Atptour. And these are the words of him on the eve of him. "I felt like someone who has played almost 1500 games, so breaks are always welcome and we take them with happiness: I had a good time at home, after 20 years on tour.

But I missed the second family, as I call the tennis tour. Now we will see if the results come back and how long I can still continue, there are other factors outside and in private life and only everyday life will determine how long I can continue doing it.

I know it is rare to see for almost a 40-year-old returning after a year of absence, and I was surprised how long it took, but I made a decision with the team, with no rush to return: the important thing is that he has no injuries or pain, and then I can really enjoy myself.

So we'll see how it goes, I'm curious to find out." In a recent interview, Marco Chiudinelli, Roger Federer’s childhood friend and former World No. 52, also spoke in glowing terms about the Swiss legend. Chiudinelli believes Federer hasn’t lost his racket-skills, and he claimed that the World No.

6’s body hasn’t seen any notable deterioration.

Chiudinelli on Roger Federer

“Roger Federer can play it there in Doha with ease and see where he stands,” Marco Chiudinelli said. “He has certainly not forgotten how to play tennis and not lost much physically.

If everything comes together, Roger can still beat the very best”. Viola Amherd, a Swiss politician, has been serving as a member of the Swiss Federal Council since 2019. She is the head of the ministries of Defense, Civil Protection and Sport, and is also the first woman to hold such a position in Switzerland.

“I’ve been following Roger Federer’s extraordinary career for many years and I’m a big fan of him,” Amherd said. “I appreciate him not only as an extremely fair world-class player, but also as a person and a family man."