'I’ve been following Roger Federer’s extraordinary career for...', says politician

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'I’ve been following Roger Federer’s extraordinary career for...', says politician

Many are waiting for Roger Federer's return to the field. As is well known, the Swiss champion will return to a tennis court next week, his presence at the ATP 250 in Doha is highly anticipated. We don't know how many they would have bet on, but after more than a year of absence caused by a knee injury, King Roger will be back on the pitch for an official match.

However, Roger Federer does not start from scratch as he is in fifth position in the ATP ranking despite his very long absence. Obviously he has accumulated a great delay from the leading quartet: he currently has a gap of almost 2,500 points compared to the Austrian Dominic Thiem who at the moment precedes him in the standings while the number 1 Novak Djokovic is not very far from doubling him in terms of numbers.

But Federer is used to restarting, even if in his career he has never suffered many stops, he still had to deal with 8 injuries over the course of 22 years. The first withdrawal from a tournament occurred in 2008 after having played over 750 matches in ten years.

After other injuries always related to the back or knees, 2016 was the most unfortunate year for the Basel tennis player with three injuries occurring at very close range. But even that time he started again with courage and determination and we are sure that in the near future we will see him return to the top parts of the world ranking.

Roger Federer's numbers are literally impressive: in the course of his career he has in fact won over 100 ATP tournaments including 20 Grand Slams. Federer started winning precisely in Italy, in Milan it is more precisely on February 4, 2001 on the indoor synthetic field, beating Frenchman Julien Boutter with a score of 6–4, 6–7, 6–4 he won the Milan Indoor.

The last of the tournaments he won was instead in his Switzerland in Basel at the Swiss Indoors on 27 October 2019, beating the Australian De Minaur 6-2, 6-2 in the final. His fans obviously hope that soon his winning scores will be updated again.

Viola Amherd, a Swiss politician, has been serving as a member of the Swiss Federal Council since 2019. She is the head of the ministries of Defense, Civil Protection and Sport, and is also the first woman to hold such a position in Switzerland.

When asked about Roger Federer’s comeback, she admitted to being a long-time fan of the 39-year-old. Amherd then went on to reveal her admiration towards Federer’s sportsmanship, racket-skills and off-court personality.

Viola Amherd on her passion for Roger Federer

“I’ve been following Roger Federer’s extraordinary career for many years and I’m a big fan of him,” Viola Amherd said. “I appreciate him not only as an extremely fair world-class player, but also as a person and a family man."