'Roger Federer thinks his knees are okay but...', says former No. 1

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'Roger Federer thinks his knees are okay but...', says former No. 1

There is enormous anticipation for the return of Roger Federer, who will make his debut at the Doha tournament on Wednesday. More than a year they had to wait for fans of him to see him in action, considering that his last official appearance was in the semi-final of the Australian Open 2020 against Novak Djokovic.

Many wished to see the Swiss phenomenon again in Melbourne Park a month ago, but the not perfect physical conditions and the strict government measures led the King to miss the trip Down Under for the first time in the last 23 editions.

The new ranking system has allowed the Maestro to stay close to the top positions, even though the Swiss has just had to overtake Stefanos Tsitsipas. Federer's challenger in Qatar will leave the match between Daniel Evans and Jeremy Chardy scheduled for Tuesday.

During a conversation on the Tennis Channel, six-time Grand Slam champion Lindsay Davenport analyzed the chances of the 20-time Grand Slam champion. According to the American, the 39-year-old from Basel has no high expectations for this week.

Davenport talks about Roger Federer

"I think in reading Roger Federer's comments in his press conference, his expectations are pretty low and when you are 40 years old and coming back from double knee surgery last year, you don’t really know what to expect," Lindsay Davenport stated.

"He thinks his knees are okay but until you are out there and playing matches and having to change direction and also play some points with a little bit of stress and some nerve you just don’t know how your body is going to respond.

But I love his outlook which was 'I just want to be a 100% for Wimbledon so any matches that I get until then is really a bonus'" Lindsay Davenport feels bullish about Federer’s chances on the faster courts of Dubai, provided the 39-year-old remains healthy and gets a decent amount of match practice this week.

"Those courts (in Dubai) are lightning-fast so you can finish points maybe a little faster," Davenport stated. "If he can get a couple of matches under his belt this week, leave feeling good, feeling healthy, no issues with the knee, I think more realistic (than Doha) is maybe looking towards Dubai to make a deeper run."

“I can play two-and-a-half hours for five days in a row,” Federer said, counting the positives on the health front. He added, however, that feeling good about himself physically isn’t necessarily a conveyor of confidence ahead of matches.

“Matches are different…when nerves are also playing a part,” the champion said. Federer has also listed the Tokyo Olympics in June and the US Open as his other priority events on this calendar.