Roger Federer: 'We want to leave the game with no regrets and...'

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Roger Federer: 'We want to leave the game with no regrets and...'

After fourteen months of absence, after the last match played even reached the Australian Open 2020, the twenty-time winner of Grand Slam titles, the Swiss champion Roger Federer returns to the field. The tennis player will return to the ATP 250 in Doha and before returning to the field he returned for a very long conference where he really dealt with various topics.

Here are his statements about it: "It's true that I haven't played for over a year, but to play tennis it's like riding a bicycle, I always knew that I could continue to compete at a good level, even if I didn't play as many tournaments as before.

My biggest concern at the moment is the knee, I had two surgeries in that area and was forced to start from scratch. Inside me I feel that there is still something to give and this story with tennis is not over. I never thought about retiring, it wasn't a real option.

I love challenges and I want to play until the stands are full "Still regarding knee problems, the Swiss champion spoke: "At the moment the pain is under control, the next 3-5 months will be very interesting and we will know how the knee will react.

I can't guarantee anything or that it will last as long as I want, but I trust it will. I have been training for two and a half hours a day for the past 5 days and have had no problems. Obviously, however, the matches are something else."

Novak Djokovic recently went past Roger Federer’s record of 310 weeks as World No. 1. Rafael Nadal, meanwhile, is widely expected to win his 21st Major in Paris this year, thus eclipsing Roger Federer's mark of 20.

Roger Federer on Djokovic and Nadal

"What Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal have done, as of late, is extraordinary," Roger Federer said while speaking to the media in Doha. "They are not 25 either. They are able to back it up.

Novak did it again in Australia and Rafa again did it at Roland Garros. They seem at their peak which is great for tennis and it is great for the debate. My concern is more my own game, my own health over the record, to be honest."

Roger Federer called Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic 'unreal' players, and expressed his hope that they achieve everything they want to. Federer also asserted that he wouldn’t want any of the three - including himself - to finish their career with any regrets.

"But all the records are there to be broken," Federer added. "The guys are unreal, we all know that. I hope they keep on going. I hope they can do everything they possibly want and that they look back with no regrets.

We want to leave the game with no regrets and I think, from that standpoint, we all sleep very well at night."