Roger Federer: 'I think tennis one of the toughest sports because...'

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Roger Federer: 'I think tennis one of the toughest sports because...'

Roger Federer returns to the field for the first time since January 2020, that is from the Australian Open when he was defeated by Novak Djokovic in the semifinals. An eternity, because we are talking about an era still pre-Covid 19.

But class is not water is not a simple motto but it is also true in reality for a timeless champion like Roger who had to sweat but in the end he won against it. Daniel Evans, number 28 in the world, demonstrating a good state of form but also the need for a physiological break-in after the long break from tennis.

The two players both start in a strong way to serve and arrive at 4-4 in the first set: Federer concedes a break point but cancels it and wins the advantages. It is the only opportunity to avoid the tie break that will decide the first set: Federer rises 2-0 but then gives up two consecutive service rounds, only to recover the mini-break and return to 4-4.

Federer cancels a set point and, after wasting two, wins the first set with a score of 10-8. In the second set, Evans is good at not giving in as the Swiss gets a break point at the start of the second half but the Brit is still a tough nut to crack and proves it in the middle of the set, breaking Federer in the fourth game and climbing easily first.

and then 5-2, closing 6-3 in his favor, bringing the match to the third and decisive set. The third set is definitely full of emotions: everything goes smoothly on the serve until 3-3 when Federer cancels two break points, winning the game with advantages.

Evans shows signs of yielding in the tenth game because, under 4-5 but with the service in favor, he concedes a match point, however canceled by the British who, with difficulty, holds the game. Federer goes up 30-0 the next game but is reassembled until 30-30, only to close the game and go up 6-5.

Evans is on the ropes and gives in to the next game: Federer, from 15-15, scores three points in a row and returns to celebrate a victory that takes him to the quarter-finals where Basilashvili awaits him. Welcome back Roger, tennis was waiting for you!

During a recent interview, Federer pointed out how he has been traveling non-stop ever since he turned pro in 1998.

Roger Federer says tennis is one of the most demanding sports

“It was definitely nice to be home (in 2020),” Roger Federer said “I came through in the tour sometime in 97-98.

98 in a way was my last junior year, first professional year. I had finished 300 in the world then - like 22-23 years ago now. And (since) then I’ve always been on the road from January to November, basically, I’m on world tour the entire time”.

Federer stressed that he loves traveling, but added that it often leaves him mentally exhausted. "I think it's (tennis) one of the toughest sports out there in terms of travel schedules," Federer continued. "Because we come to see the people, the people don’t really come see us essentially because we travel to their country and their city.

We love to do that but sometimes it gets taxing on the mind. So it's good to some time have a bit of a break, that’s why you have to be a bit wise with your schedule I believe."