Roger Federer: 'I don't know if I ever was completely pain-free but...'

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Roger Federer: 'I don't know if I ever was completely pain-free but...'

How did Roger Federer's first effort go after 13 months without games? The answer came from the person concerned who, on the sidelines of the duel with Evans, explained that everything went well. «I felt very comfortable and relaxed the night before the match.

I started thinking about the match this morning and feeling the tension of the match again. I wasn't worried but excited yes. In training, I felt it wasn't just any day and, therefore, I gave more weight to training feedback than usual.

I'm happy with the way I played». And the knee - operated twice in the last few months - what answers did he give? “I had no problems when I went to serve. Then in the match you stress your body much more, but I repeat I'm happy to have provided a good performance».

Roger Federer emerged triumphant in his comeback match, ousting a spirited Dan Evans in three hard-fought sets. Federer was far from fluent in the match, shanking several shots midway through to give Evans a clar shot at the win.

Roger Federer on his comeback on tour

Speaking after his win, Roger Federer sounded extremely happy at being back on the tour, especially since he managed to mark the occasion with a win. The Swiss also expressed hope that his win would have brought some much-needed joy to a world grappling with a serious crisis.

"I don't know if I ever was completely pain-free but you get to feel tired and you don't know if it's the muscle or whatever," Federer said. "Actually I don't really mind because this is how I felt throughout.

Important is how I feel tomorrow and the next day for the next 6 months." Dan Evans put his heart and soul into the match against Roger Federer, but that wasn't enough. Evans matched the Swiss for a majority of the evening, before dying-stage nerves from the Brit tilted the match in Federer's favor.

"It's a bit annoying really to play a good match like that and get nothing for it," Evans said. "It's frustrating. In a few days I can say I'm in a good spot, going the right direction but it's a loss at the end of the day.

Doesn't matter who it's to, it's tough. It wasn’t easy conditions although I thought the level of tennis was pretty good," Evans said. "I'm not sure he was tiring. I thought we were both in decent shape."

While Federer was away from action, his ‘Big Three’ rivals Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic made further strides in the race for most Grand Slam titles in the men’s game. Nadal clinched an unprecedented 13th French Open title last year, which put him on level with Federer at 20 career Grand Slam trophies.

Djokovic triumphed over grave physical odds to lift a record ninth Australian Open title this year, taking his career Grand Slam tally to 18.