'That story of Roger Federer who never came to Mexico...', says tournament director

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'That story of Roger Federer who never came to Mexico...', says tournament director

Roger Federer returned to the field last week in Doha, thus ending an absence from the tour that had lasted for over a year. The Swiss phenomenon, who surrendered in the quarterfinals after wasting a match point, should also have participated in the Dubai tournament, but preferred to announce his forfeit to carry out a further training block.

The agreement that binds the 20-time Grand Slam champion to the ATP 500 held in the United Arab Emirates has always prevented King Roger from seeing the Mexican Open in Acapulco (which takes place in the same week). The best players have almost always split evenly, with the intention of not putting either of the two tables too far away.

Said of Federer, Rafael Nadal has been to Acapulco frequently in recent years, while Novak Djokovic won the Dubai Open last year. Mexican Open director Raul Zurutuza has never hidden his desire to bring Federer to Mexico someday, nevertheless being aware of how difficult such a feat is.

Roger Federer never came to Mexico

“That story of Roger Federer who never came to Mexico because of the Dubai issue, I hope it will never be repeated with another player,” Raul Zurutuza said. “It is important that each player can be in as many tournaments”.

Stefanos Tsitsipas is the No 1 seed at the Mexico Open this week having made his debut in the event last year and Zurutuza is delighted to have the Greek tennis star back. “There are many players that one as a director would like to have, the truth is we talk a lot with his (Tsitsipas’) representative and we have a great relationship," he added.

“I think it was good, I saw him happy and I greeted him at the airport. He is a super relaxed guy, very light and I hope he falls in love with Mexico”. Rafael Nadal would usually be competing at Acapulco having won the event on three occasions.

“He is a fixed asset of the tournament, the desire to have him is always there but we have great names and the public will be able to enjoy it," Zurutuza said. “The tournament is going well and on Saturday we will deliver very good results."

Last year’s World No. 2 and No. 3, Rafael Nadal and Dominic Thiem have faced tough luck this year. As of March 15, 2021, both are far behind the Top 8 to qualify for the ATP Finals Turin. To qualify, a player has to be among the eight players who earned the most points in a particular year. These players compete in the year-end finale, and Turin will host its first edition this year.