'Roger Federer can come back winning Slams again', says ATP ace

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'Roger Federer can come back winning Slams again', says ATP ace

Rafael Nadal could "open" the new Santiago Bernabeu. Suggestive (but without confirmation at the moment), the indiscretion comes from Defensa Central, a site that follows the Madrid events H24. According to the reconstruction, the Manacor champion would have responded positively to the invitation of Real Madrid president Florentino Perez.

The match - date and opponent to be defined - would inaugurate the modernized version of the stadium, which is currently closed for renovations. A restyling that was already planned, but which has been accelerated by taking advantage of this period in which the pandemic prevents public access to the matches.

Real Madrid, behind closed doors, are playing their home games on the Alfredo Di Stefano field of the Valdebebas sports center (where Atalanta will be on stage for the return of the Champions League round of 16). The new Bernabeu, technologically advanced, will have a retractable pitch (as well as the roof) so that it can also be used for non-football events.

Functionality that would be experienced with the exhibition match to which Nadal, a great fan of the team coached by Zinedine Zidane, was invited. According to Defensa Central, the goal would also be to involve Roger Federer in order to place them facing each other in a magical setting.

Plan B, if it can be defined as such, would involve the involvement of world number one Novak Djokovic. Times and methods remain uncertain: the works should be completed "by 2022", citing Florentino Perez's prediction.

They are proceeding at a fast pace, as can be seen from the video released by Real Madrid in February. But the event - even in the light of the period - still maintains smoky outlines at the moment. In a recent interview, former World No.4 Kei Nishikori spoke about the recent comeback of Roger Federer.

He called him a monster who played two great matches at the ATP Doha 2021.

Nishikori comments on Roger Federer

“Roger Federer is a monster,” began Kei Nishikori. “In a good way. He played two solid matches, that was unexpected”.

The Japanese star claimed that although Federer couldn’t advance to the semis of the tournament, he played some amazing tennis. He believes that only Federer is capable enough to make such a convincing comeback at 39.

“He played a pretty good game. Of course, having been one year off he was a little bit off, you know. But he still played great. Not everybody could do that,” added the US Open 2014 runner-up. “Hopefully, he can come back strong and we can play a couple of matches,’ he said.

‘I always enjoyed playing against him and I’m sure he can come back winning Slams again,” concluded the 31-year-old.