'Tennis is easy for Roger Federer', says Grand Slam champion

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'Tennis is easy for Roger Federer', says Grand Slam champion

A few days ago all eyes were on Roger Federer's return to tennis, coinciding with the Qatar Open in Doha. The whole world has been waiting for the footwear of the Swiss tennis player. For the first time we see in his feet a unique dexterity enhanced with a shoe specially designed for him: the Roger Pro, On's first tennis competition shoes, designed in Switzerland by Roger Federer and On Lab.

To carry out the design of this shoe, the technology of ON's running shoes has been adapted to the demands of tennis. If in the race the movements are forwards to advance, in tennis a technology adapted to lateral and rapid changes of direction at high speeds is required.

"With a lateral movement, a tennis player can load up to three times his own weight on the shoe," explains Olivier Bernhard, Co-Founder and Head of Innovation at On. "These high forces demand extreme agility and stability.

That's why we work with Roger." The shoes created by Federer have a midsole with high-density and performance foam, which extends to the outer sides of the shoe and an internal structure that helps keep the foot stable with rapid movements.

He also has Speedboard technology, made 100% with carbon fiber, which absorbs the impact on each landing and has different reinforcements that serve to give Federer a better response to changes of direction. In a recent interview, Simona Halep revealed that she has 'always admired' Swiss legend Roger Federer.

He believes that Federer will continue to remain active on tour for some more time, citing his incredible passion for tennis.

Halep talks about Roger Federer

"I've always admired Roger Federer, he's a genius from my point of view," Simona Halep stated.

"I think he will play for a while, it is clear that he does it with passion." Simona Halep further pointed out that Roger Federer has largely witnessed an injury-free career due to his relatively effortless game.

She then drew a contrast with Rafael Nadal, who has suffered a great many physical issues due to his style of play. "Federer did not have so many injuries because tennis is easy for him," Halep said." Nadal has a greater game of wear, and that is why he was more prone to injuries."

In the current season, Roger made a comeback on the men’s Tour at the Doha Open 2021. After winning his opening round match, his journey came to an end in the following round. He was scheduled to play in Dubai the following week but chose to train harder in order to return to his best form.