'I don't know how much Roger Federer will be able to...', says WTA star

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'I don't know how much Roger Federer will be able to...', says WTA star

Swiss tennis player Roger Federer gave a few words to Tagesanzeiger analyzing what his next months on the circuit will be like: "I have to plan the next few months until the Wimbledon tournament very carefully, including working with Pierre Paganini.

I am still preparing to be stronger, better and feel fit again," said the Swiss player who confirmed a few days ago that he would not play the tournament in Dubai in order to rest. The roadmap of the former world number one is not yet known, but everything indicates that he will play a clay court tournament.

Simona Halep recently lavished rich praise on Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer, highlighting some of the unique qualities of the two players. Halep believes that Djokovic is an exemplary sportsperson with remarkable resilience, especially when faced with an injury, while Federer is a 'genius'

Simona Halep pays tribute to Roger Federer

Moving on to Roger Federer, Simona Halep revealed that she has 'always admired' the Swiss legend. He believes that Federer will continue to remain active on tour for some more time, citing his incredible passion for tennis.

"I've always admired Federer, he's a genius from my point of view," Halep added. "I think he will play for a while, it is clear that he does it with passion." Simona Halep expressed reservations about Roger Federer's physical level, given that the 39-year-old's body has suffered through the rigors of the tour for more than two decades now.

But the Romanian doesn't doubt Federer's ability to be fit in time for Wimbledon and Olympics. "I don't know how much he will be able to physically, the wear and tear are felt after so many years," Halep said.

"But if he says he will play at Wimbledon and the Olympics, so be it." In the current season, Roger made a comeback on the men’s Tour at the Doha Open 2021. After winning his opening round match, his journey came to an end in the following round.

He was scheduled to play in Dubai the following week but chose to train harder in order to return to his best form. The former World No. 1 decided to skip the Monte Carlo Masters, scheduled next month. His main goal is to concentrate on Wimbledon, a place where he has enjoyed tremendous success.

He is the only male player to have won the title on eight occasions. Over the years, the Swiss superstar has raised the bar in the men’s game. The manner in which he carries himself on and off the court is second to none.