'If Roger Federer says he will play at Wimbledon...', says former No. 1

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'If Roger Federer says he will play at Wimbledon...', says former No. 1

In 2012, Rafael Nadal announced an exhibition match against Novak Djokovic on the pitch of the Santiago Bernabéu, with the aim of breaking the record of spectators to a tennis duel, which could not finally be disputed due to a knee injury of the Spaniard.

In fact, the event was even presented in the box of the Madrid Coliseum and was dated July 14. The physical mishap also deprived him of participating in the London Olympic Games where he was to be the standard-bearer of the Spanish delegation.

Nine years later, Nadal may have a new chance to play in the white stadium, in one of the events that would mark his inauguration after the works that are not scheduled to end until January 2023. According to Central Defense, the champion of 20 majors Roger Federer, who also owns 20 wound, could be measured.

It should be remembered that the two already met on February 7, 2020 on the Cape Town soccer field, in the match that, for now, has the historical limit in terms of the presence of fans with a total of 50,000. It was the particular tribute that Roger wanted to dedicate to his mother Lynette, a South African.

The friendship that unites Florentino Pérez and the Spanish tennis player makes it easier for Rafa to welcome this opportunity to step on the grass of his football team. The white president has already expressed more than once in public his desire that the two great legends of the racket meet in the capital of Spain.

The last of them was in September 2019 when he communicated it to the entity's delegates. During a long interview, Simona Halep revealed that she has 'always admired' Roger Federer. He believes that Federer will continue to remain active on tour for some more time, citing his incredible passion for tennis.

Halep reflects on Roger Federer

"I've always admired Roger Federer, he's a genius from my point of view," Simona Halep explained. "I think he will play for a while, it is clear that he does it with passion."

Simona Halep further pointed out that Roger Federer has largely witnessed an injury-free career due to his relatively effortless game. She then drew a contrast with Rafael Nadal, who has suffered a great many physical issues due to his style of play.

"Federer did not have so many injuries because tennis is easy for him," Halep said." Nadal has a greater game of wear, and that is why he was more prone to injuries." The Romanian doesn't doubt Federer's ability to be fit in time for Wimbledon and Olympics.

"I don't know how much he will be able to physically, the wear and tear are felt after so many years," Halep said. "But if he says he will play at Wimbledon and the Olympics, so be it."