'Roger Federer will have to play these players before Wimbledon', says analyst

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'Roger Federer will have to play these players before Wimbledon', says analyst

After more than a year of absence among the fans there was a lot of curiosity to understand if there had been any changes in the way of playing of Roger Federer. Through social videos it was shown that Roger Federer, compared to what we saw over a year ago, has made changes to the service.

The more attentive will notice that when the Swiss is in service, when the racket makes contact with the ball he pushes his back forward to drag his body weight on the ball; in Doha everyone noticed that Roger Federer was much less forward when he was serving and this served to minimize back strain.

These slight changes mean that Roger Federer has lost a few kilometers of speed on the serve, especially on his second and after all this is also why the Swiss had poor percentages in the two matches played with the second.

Despite these data Roger Federer was one step away from the semifinal with Basilashvili who canceled a match point and went on to win the tournament. Roger Federer has been thwarted repeatedly by Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon in recent years, losing finals to the Serb in 2014, 2015 and 2019.

In a recent interview with 'L'Equipe', Marc Rosset suggested that Federer can prepare for his inevitable grasscourt meetings with Djokovic - and others in the top 10 - by playing them on clay.

Federer played down expectations around his return

"If Roger Federer also wants to win Wimbledon, he will necessarily have to beat Djokovic, Nadal or other players who are in the top 10," Marc Rosset said.

"And to meet them, he will have to play these players in the Masters 1000 on clay or at Roland Garros." Roger Federer first sat out of the clay season back in 2016, as he withdrew from the French Open that year.

Federer would subsequently miss Roland Garros the next two years too, while also skipping the Masters tournaments on dirt. Though Federer is preparing for the grass-court season, eyeing a winning return to Wimbledon, the lightning-quick hard courts of Dubai would present a good test for his knees and help him find his groove.

The Swiss underwent knee surgery after making a semi-final exit at last year’s Australian Open. He later issued a statement saying he was taking an indefinite break from tennis to allow himself more time for rehabilitation and recovery.

After missing the bulk of tennis action last season, Federer withdrew from this year’s Australian Open citing inadequate fitness levels.