'Roger Federer can choose his ranking place, even without...', says German Chief

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'Roger Federer can choose his ranking place, even without...', says German Chief

It was back in 1945 when, in the last year of the terrible Second World War, the Wimbledon tournament could not be staged, as indeed in the six previous editions. Unfortunately, history repeated itself in 2020, with a new, equally dramatic event but far from a world conflict: the global Coronavirus pandemic, born in China and soon spreading all over the world.

The first wave of the disease forced the male and female professional calendar to be rescheduled from scratch, with the cancellation of the historic Wimbledon event, among others, which was able to take advantage of a providential insurance.

We will return to play on the grass fields of Church Road only from this summer, but with stringent security measures to prevent a new increase in infections from Covid-19. No 'queue' for fans in 2021 Due to the anti Covid restrictions, Wimbledon has announced that in 2021 there will be no 'queue', that is to say the historic, iconic and very long queue of fans to grab a ticket for the Championships, capable of even staying overnight on the street in order to receive a pass and admire the deeds of the champions.

The public will necessarily have a reduced capacity, with the lucky winners of the 2020 lottery who will see their tickets for the 2022 edition confirmed. This year, the accreditations can in fact be purchased only online in June, when the exact number will be announced.

of people admitted in the plant and there will be no resale. There has been a lot of chatter around the ATP rankings. Initially, ATP froze the rankings in light of the coronavirus pandemic. But the rule was extended into 2021 as well, and this didn’t go well with some players.

Incidentally, Roger Federer has been the biggest beneficiary of the ranking freeze. Thus, the German Tennis Federation vice president, Dirk Hordorff, took aim at not only Federer but also on Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal, and Andy Murray.

German Chief takes aim at Roger Federer

“Some of you have problems to understand the ranking system of the ATP, but it’s so easy. Roger Federer can choose his ranking place, even without playing. By the way, Roger is player council member.

This makes him happy”. Furthermore, he criticized Rafael Nadal, who is also in the ATP Player Council. And he claimed that Novak Djokovic didn’t care about the ranking system since he is the World No.1 “Rafa Nadal is happy to get a ranking system with 3 years keeping the points.

By the way, Rafa is player council member. Novak Djokovic is ranked one and the best player, so he doesn’t care who is behind him and what the player council decides. He is happy. Murray doesn’t win. He gets wild cards.

And as long as he is not winning and getting wild cards, he doesn’t need to climb. And who cares about the rest. Daniil Medvedev is 2 in the ranking, but nobody really knows this. Alex Zverev and Andrey Rublev are pissed that they are winning but don’t climb in the rank”.