'I think Roger Federer will play for...', says Grand Slam champion

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'I think Roger Federer will play for...', says Grand Slam champion

After a rather difficult return, Roger Federer is still in Dubai and is training with an Italian tennis player, Roberto Fabbiano, Thomas's brother. The Swiss has retired from the 500 tournament in the United Arab Emirates, but is still there to prepare for the season on grass.

The king's return to the field was not very royal. Many fans have been disappointed by Federer's form, which, however, certainly could not be the best. After a good match won in three sets with Daniel Evans, Roger surrendered to the powerful blows of Nikoloz Basilashvili, despite having had a match point in favor.

Despite the premature defeat and elimination from the Doha tournament, the Swiss said he was satisfied with the sensations he had on the pitch. In the tournament following the one in Doha, Federer preferred to forfeit, but continued to train in the beautiful city of the United Arab Emirates.

The thing that amazed everyone is the sparring partner chosen by the Swiss. Yes, because he is an Italian and Federer's trading partner. This is Roberto Fabbiano, Thomas's brother. Videos and photos of the two began to appear on the internet, to general amazement.

Simona Halep recently lavished rich praise on Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer, highlighting some of the unique qualities of the two players. Halep believes that Djokovic is an exemplary sportsperson with remarkable resilience, especially when faced with an injury, while Federer is a 'genius'

Halep on Roger Federer

"Novak Djokovic is an exemplary athlete," Simona Halep said. "His strength to stay on the field, not to give up, even if he has small pains, calls the doctor and so on. The fact that he is just as well-motivated is still to be appreciated."

Moving on to Roger Federer, Simona Halep revealed that she has 'always admired' the Swiss legend. He believes that Federer will continue to remain active on tour for some more time, citing his incredible passion for tennis.

"I've always admired Federer, he's a genius from my point of view," Halep added. "I think he will play for a while, it is clear that he does it with passion." The Romanian doesn't doubt Federer's ability to be fit in time for Wimbledon and Olympics.

"I don't know how much he will be able to physically, the wear and tear are felt after so many years," Halep said. "But if he says he will play at Wimbledon and the Olympics, so be it."