'With Roger Federer you are at the mercy of...', says ATP star

The 20-time Grand Slam champion is almost the perfect tennis player

by Simone Brugnoli
'With Roger Federer you are at the mercy of...', says ATP star

The talent of the young blue Jannik Sinner is undisputed, the South Tyrolean boy is climbing several records thanks to his age and his numbers and also in this 2021 he is showing flashes of his talent. With each defeat, as often happens in these cases, the tennis player is criticized and his qualities are questioned.

This time the criticism came after the defeat suffered by the comeback of the Russian Aslan Karatsev, a great surprise at the start of the season. In the semifinals of the ATP 500 tournament in Dubai, however, Karatsev turned off all these rumors and silenced the skeptics.

Against a top Ten of the caliber of Andrey Rublev (and everyone now knows the skills of the young Russian especially in the ATP 500), Karatsev offered the best of his tennis and dominated the challenge. After a small blank pass in the second set where he suffered the break in the tenth game, Karatsev 'destroyed' his compatriot, leaving him no way out and showing a great condition, a great condition that, despite everything, he had also shown against Sinner, almost surprised from the return in the second and third set to the quarter-finals.

After winning the first set starting in a great way and still closing thanks to an excellent tiebreak Jannik had to surrender to the blows of Karatsev, who, yesterday as the other day, wanted to show everyone that he was not just a 'chance' but of wanting to enter 'the tennis that matters' and do it through the front door.

With the victory over Rublev, Karatsev also stopped Rublev's streak of 23 consecutive wins in ATP 500 tournaments, a surprising streak that came from last season. Rublev was on the hunt for Roger Federer's record which remains so unbeaten.

The Swiss has in fact a record of 28 consecutive victories in ATP 500 tournaments, a record that Rublev and all the others will still have to follow from below. Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic have ruled the men's tour for nearly 15 years now, winning 58 Grand Slam titles between them.

And recently, World No. 9 Diego Schwartzman gave his thoughts about the dominant trio, claiming that they have a few special qualities and that they continue to learn even after they've achieved so much.

Schwartzman pays tribute to Roger Federer

During the course of the long interview with ESPN, Diego Schwartzman also let out words of high praise for 20-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer.

The Argentine claimed that you are 'at the mercy' of Federer while playing against him, and that the Swiss can make his opponents look stupid with his bag of tricks. "With Roger Federer you are at the mercy of whether he wins or loses the points.

If Federer is inspired he makes you feel stupid, he doesn't let you do anything," the World No. 9 said. "He has charisma, class, education, goes anywhere and greets everyone."

Roger Federer