Roger Federer: '2020 was characterised by complex emotions and...'

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Roger Federer: '2020 was characterised by complex emotions and...'

In the last twenty years the tennis world has been dominated by three athletes who have literally conquered the circuit and all the fans success after success. Obviously the characters in question are Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic and who before and who after was at the top of the standings.

These three players have won 58 Grand Slams together, an incredible number that reminds everyone that this generation has perhaps had the best of all time at the same time. Beyond this, in recent years the debate has arisen about who is the GOAT, or the best tennis player of all time.

There is no precise parameter in this regard, some speak of the Slams, others of the weeks at the top of the standings but the fans and all the fans of this sport advocate their cause and their support. A character who has never had doubts about who the GOAT is is Srdjan Djokovic, clearly biased since we are talking about the father of the current number one in the world.

Federer gave his raw response to the aspect of staying at home with family but worrying about the coronavirus.

Roger Federer on staying at home with family

“I enjoyed spending this intensive downtime with my family.

But I looked worriedly at the development of the global infection numbers, missed the contact with my parents and friends, and observed with deep concern that people drifted into poverty or lost friends and family to the disease" - Roger Federer said.

In February 2020, before the coronavirus sent the world into lockdown, Federer had also played a charity match alongside, Rafael Nadal, Bill Gates, and Trevor Noah. That match set the record for the most attended tennis match in history.

“2020 was most probably an extraordinary year for all of us, characterised by complex emotions and new experiences. In February, I was able to play the unforgettable Match in Africa 6 in Cape Town, South Africa, and celebrate an exhilarating tennis festival with a record-breaking 51,954 fans."

Over the last year, Federer underwent 2 knee surgeries. He did manage to recover and make a comeback at the Qatar Open but his performance was far from his best. This, along with his age, is probably the reason why many feel that he will fall out of the top 10 this year.

However, one can never count him out. Throughout his career, the Swiss Maestro has surprised everybody. Nobody expected him to hold so many records and to still be active on the Tour at his age. He proved everybody wrong and he can surely do it again.