Roger Federer: 'I missed the contact with my parents and friends'

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Roger Federer: 'I missed the contact with my parents and friends'
Roger Federer: 'I missed the contact with my parents and friends'

Roger Federer was already the player with the most weeks in the top 100, but now he has crossed another important milestone and obviously the number 6 in the world rankings will have the opportunity to further improve this record.

Of course Nadal and Djokovic run and will try to take away this record, which in itself is and remains incredible. On the podium of the tennis players with the most weeks in the top 100 are two other myths Andre Agassi and Jimmy Connors.

Federer has thus reached 1100 weeks in the top 100, in second place is Andre Agassi, a very beloved player in his time who began his career at a very young age and who closed it at 36, but who however failed to always remain in the top 100 - in one season he even sank beyond 130th position.

Followed by Jimmy Connors, another longevity champion with 946. Fourth is Feliciano Lopez who has the chance to get on the podium and just ahead of the French Santoro and Rafa Nadal, then Youzhny, Lendl and David Ferrer. The coronavirus pandemic has been hard on everybody.

Tennis players have tried to shell out help during the tough period. Federer gave his raw response to the aspect of staying at home with family but worrying about the coronavirus.

Roger Federer on helping many families

“I enjoyed spending this intensive downtime with my family.

But I looked worriedly at the development of the global infection numbers, missed the contact with my parents and friends, and observed with deep concern that people drifted into poverty or lost friends and family to the disease" - Roger Federer stated.

The 20-time Grand Slam champion and his wife Mirka Federer first donated one million Swiss Francs to the families in Switzerland. Furthermore, Federer donated $1 million to feed families in Africa during the pandemic. “2020 was most probably an extraordinary year for all of us, characterised by complex emotions and new experiences.

In February, I was able to play the unforgettable Match in Africa 6 in Cape Town, South Africa, and celebrate an exhilarating tennis festival with a record-breaking 51,954 fans." Since March 2020, all players - including Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic - have enjoyed the benefit of retaining their ranking points form 2019.

The ATP introduced this change to safeguard any player who chooses not to travel and take part in events amid the global health crisis.

Roger Federer

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