'Roger Federer recognises it can come to an end', says top journalist

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'Roger Federer recognises it can come to an end', says top journalist

Roger Federer will not be present at the Masters 1000 in Miami, his conditions are not yet at the top and the Swiss is sipping his commitments. Meanwhile, in a recent interview he talked about the relationship with money at the beginning of his career: "Money was quite important in my choices.

My father told me that it was important to finish in the top 100 in the world, because that position would have allowed me to save some money" - he added. In the meantime, the Swiss was able to celebrate week 1100 among the top 100 players in the ATP ranking.

Former Wimbledon champion Marion Bartoli and journalist Ben Rothenberg recently spoke at length about Roger Federer and his comeback. According to Bartoli, even though Federer wouldn't want to lose all of his records, he is unlikely to try and protect them if that comes at the cost of his health.

Ben Rothenberg on Roger Federer

"Roger Federer already got beaten in the No. 1 weeks by Djokovic and I don't think he wants to lose all his records," Marion Bartoli said. "But I don't think he wants to put his body on the line just for one record.

He has achieved enough." Ben Rothenberg on his part claimed that Roger Federer has likely enjoyed being at the top of the pile for a decade, and that the Swiss has come to terms with the fact that his records will eventually not belong to him.

"I think Roger's pretty smart," Rothenberg said. "He's held this record for most Grand Slams since 2009, so that's a nice 12 years and counting. I think he's enjoyed this time, he recognises it can come to an end and it's beyond his control.

I also think he knows that Djokovic is going to outlast him and maybe get to 22, 23, or whatever." Since Federer breached the top 100, he has won 103 titles out of which 20 are Grand Slam titles. Further, he has played 157 career singles finals.

He entered the top 100 as a teenager and is still in there despite being on the verge of turning 40. And he has an Olympic Gold and Silver medal to cap everything off. 2020 seemed like the year Federer would drop out of the top 100.

Federer underwent two knee surgeries in 2020, which ended his season early in the year. He played a single tournament the whole year, yet Federer not only stayed in the top 100 but in the top 10 as well.