'They sometimes made fun of him when Roger Federer...', says ATP player

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'They sometimes made fun of him when Roger Federer...', says ATP player

The rivalry between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal marked an era in “white sport”. For a long time they were the two best tennis players on the circuit, and right now they are the ones who have won the most Grand Slams titles, with a total of 20 each.

Although their rivalry was exclusively inside the track, having a great relationship outside of it, the "Swiss express" recognized that it was not always easy and that, at one point, especially at the beginning, the constant defeats did become uncomfortable.

who suffered against the Majorcan, when he was practically invincible for the rest of the circuit. "There has always been a lot of rivalry between Rafa and me and sometimes it wasn't easy. We played big matches, but we always respected each other.

We knew we were references for many people and we represented tennis. Our families get along very well," said the current world number six. Federer and Nadal have left multiple clashes for history. There have been a total of 40 times that they have seen each other on the ATP circuit, of which the Spanish has a favorable record of 24 wins and 16 losses.

The last of them, outside of the exhibition they played a year ago in South Africa, occurred in the semifinals of Wimbledon in 2019 when Federer took the victory. From then to date they have not met again, largely due to the absence of Federer from the circuit, who underwent two interventions on his knee that just made him return to the track two weeks ago in Doha.

Italy's Thomas Fabbiano recently shared his thoughts on practicing with 20-time Major winner Roger Federer. Speaking to Gazzetta dello Sport, Fabbiano claimed that the Swiss maestro was 'magical', and insisted that the 39-year-old is still playing on the circuit because of his undying love for the game.

Fabbiano on practicing with Roger Federer

"Roger Federer was so relaxed," Thomas Fabbiano replied when he was asked about practicing with Federer. "He is magical, loves tennis so much. He has won everything and now just wants to enjoy himself."

The Italian replied in the positive, but added that Federer himself doesn't know which claycourt tournament he will enter. "Roger told me he will play on clay, but doesn't know yet where," Fabbiano claimed.

Fabbiano weighed in on how good the Swiss maestro was at fatherly duties, sharing an anecdote that involved Roger, his mother Lynette and his kids. "Roger is also a very good father," Fabbiano said. "His boys were training next to our court with grandmother Lynette and they sometimes made fun of him when he made unforced errors. It was just hilarious!"