'Roger Federer's boys were training next to our court and...', says ATP star

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'Roger Federer's boys were training next to our court and...', says ATP star

It is pandemic season and tournament directors are juggling to balance their scores. Among those particular accounts there are always the amounts that tournaments in these categories pay to the big names to attend their event, a subject that sometimes remains in the shadows but that ends up being one more element to take into account for any tournament.

Of course, there are many reasons why a certain tennis player never plays a certain event. And that happens in the case of Roger Federer and the Acapulco tournament. Raúl Zurutuza, the director of the Mexican event, explained it during his press conference and did not adopt a very favorable position regarding the reason.

If you think about it, the Swiss player has always chosen to play in Dubai during these times of the year: the conditions, of course, are ideal for this, due to the proximity to one of his bases of operations or the choice of surface (of the fastest of the circuit).

However, Zurutuza explained that the prolonged absence of the Swiss in the Acapulco tournament responds to a purely commercial interest... to the demands of a long-term contract. Italy's Thomas Fabbiano recently shared his thoughts on practicing with 20-time Major winner Roger Federer.

Speaking to Gazzetta dello Sport, Fabbiano claimed that the Swiss maestro was 'magical', and insisted that the 39-year-old is still playing on the circuit because of his undying love for the game.

Roger Federer was dearly missed by the tennis world last year

"Roger Federer was so relaxed," Thomas Fabbiano replied when he was asked about practicing with Federer.

"He is magical, loves tennis so much. He has won everything and now just wants to enjoy himself." Roger Federer was dearly missed by the tennis world last year, having been AWOL due to problems with his knee. But the Swiss did not mind his absence from the tour that much, as he could spend time with his family and friends back home.

"Roger is also a very good father," Fabbiano said. "His boys were training next to our court with grandmother Lynette and they sometimes made fun of him when he made unforced errors. It was just hilarious!" There are multiple reasons for the absence of various players in Miami.

Seeing the restrictions in place because of the coronavirus, World No.1 Novak Djokovic withdrew from Miami as he prioritized spending time with his family. Whereas his rival, Rafael Nadal, has been suffering a back injury since the Australian Open 2021, and thus, to prep himself for the clay-court season, he also decided against coming to Miami.