'I don’t want him to catch Roger Federer', says Swiss abbot

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'I don’t want him to catch Roger Federer', says Swiss abbot

Roger Federer made his comeback on the tour. Although he has to say goodbye in the quarter-finals, he clearly shows what he can do in his two games. For many fans, the return of the maestro is a little dream come true. Federer stayed away from the big stage for over a year.

No wonder his supporters are beside themselves when they meet the 20-time Grand Slam winner. Roger is also a popular selfie subject in Dubai. A fan who does not wear his mask correctly asks the 39-year-old for a photo together.

Federer agrees - but asks the fan to keep their distance. For this he gets applause on the internet. “King Roger” immediately becomes the “Social Distancing King”. One user thinks: "An exemplary reaction"

Can the Basel bidder build on the great successes of the past? He wants to be 100 percent for Wimbledon, he says. And who knows, maybe he's even aiming for his first individual gold medal at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. One of Roger Federer's biographers, Dave Seminara, recently revealed some interesting and unheard-of anecdotes about the 39-year-old.

And a few of those come from Urban Federer, who is an abbot at the Einsiedeln Abbey in Schwyz. Abbot Federer conducted the baptism of all of Roger Federer's children. But more interestingly, he is a distant relative of the 20-time Slam champion, with a common ancestry dating back to the 16th century.

Swiss abbot on Roger Federer's records

"Roger Federer would be equivalent to something like the royal family in the UK," Urban Federer said. "But here in Switzerland, we’ve never had a super-famous star, so we don’t know how to treat him because we don’t revere people here."

Seminara further revealed that Abbot Urban Federer keenly follows matches involving the eight-time Wimbledon champion. In fact, the Abbot also expressed his desire for Novak Djokovic to not surpass Federer's records. "I hope Djokovic doesn’t win any more titles," the Abbot told Seminara.

"I don’t want him to catch Roger." During his visit to Switzerland, Dave Seminara also met Daniel Altermatt - a Swiss councilperson from Munchenstein which was Roger Federer's childhood hometown in Basel.

"We have a local regulation prohibiting us from naming anything after anyone who is still alive," Altermatt explained to Seminara. "So if we want to name something after Roger, we’d have to kill him first."

In his comeback event in Doha, Federer was worked over by Georgian Nikoloz Basilashvili on a fast surface which afforded little response time on return shots. During his victorious Australian Open campaign, Djokovic also made a reference to how the courts were faster than they had ever been.