'I think Roger Federer made the assessment pretty early on', says former star

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'I think Roger Federer made the assessment pretty early on', says former star

At the age of 40, Roger Federer wanted to give himself one last chance to enrich his already illustrious showcase. The Swiss phenomenon skipped almost entirely last season due to a double surgery on his right knee, with rehabilitation taking him much longer than originally expected.

The 20-time Grand Slam champion returned to the field in Doha a few weeks ago, but in the meantime he had to cash in on Rafael Nadal's engagement at 20 Grand Slams and overtaking Novak Djokovic in the weeks at the top of the ATP ranking.

The big goal of the 39-year-old from Basel is Wimbledon, without forgetting the dream of wearing the gold medal in singles at the Tokyo Olympics this summer. It is not excluded that 2021 may be the last season of King Roger, whose programming has been reduced to the bone to preserve his physique.

In the latest edition of the 'Match Points' podcast, former WTA star Marion Bartoli explained how Federer has no intention of risking his physical health just to keep a few records.

Bartoli comments on Roger Federer

"I think Roger Federer wants to stay at the top of the Grand Slam category especially, I think that counts a lot," Marion Bartoli told the Match Points podcast.

"Of course, he was the first to get to 20 [titles], and he wants to stay at the top of the pyramid. Djokovic already beat his record of weeks at world No 1 and I don’t think he wants to lose all his records. But, of course you have to take into consideration his health.

He's probably not going to put his body on the line just based on one record, he has achieved enough. But, is the record somewhere in his mind? I truly think so." Federer has also announced his intention to compete at this summer's Olympic Games in Tokyo, with the veteran eager to take his final opportunity to win an eagerly-awaited gold medal.

However, Bartoli suggested that while he is keen to finally achieve Olympic glory, his main priority is to win at Wimbledon in order to secure an unprecedented 21st Grand Slam title. "I think he made the assessment pretty early on, probably during his first match [against Evans], that he needed more fitness.

That’s probably why he’s added a number of matches and a number of clay tournaments to his schedule especially, because he really wants to win Wimbledon."