'When you add Roger Federer's pragmatic approach...', says top coach

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'When you add Roger Federer's pragmatic approach...', says top coach

Promote Switzerland around the world. After years of representing the positive image of Switzerland through his sporting excellence and his likeable and easygoing way of doing things, Roger Federer now becomes the official brand ambassador for the Swiss travel destination, and starts a long-term collaboration with the Swiss National Tourist Board.

The common goal is to attract guests to Switzerland to fill up on energy in the nature of today's crisis like the present. And no one seems more suitable than the Swiss tennis player. The managers of Switzerland Tourism are convinced of this.

"The combination is perfect, because Switzerland and its preserved nature have clearly contributed to Roger's extraordinary career," explains ST CEO Martin Nydegger. «I have always had the feeling of representing Switzerland, every time I enter the field.

When my name is written, there is always a Swiss flag attached. I was very proud to do this for my first 22 years of career and it will be like that in the future. Joining forces with ST is a logical consequence for me now, ”said Roger Federer in a conversation with Nydegger.

Both are excited to kick off this long-term partnership. Communication activities will start in April focusing on European cities and then move on to the United States. A presence in Asia is also planned in the following months.

A series of images and short videos will show Roger Federer draw his energy from Swiss nature. Paul Annacone recently spoke about the greatness of his former wards Roger Federer and Pete Sampras. Annacone claimed that both of them didn't need to expend a lot of effort to play tennis that was beyond the capability of a majority of their peers.

Annacone on Roger Federer

"It doesn’t take a ton out of them to play at levels most players can’t even reach," Paul Annacone said of Roger Federer and Pete Sampras. "When you add [Federer’s] pragmatic approach, the rollercoaster of emotions tied to winning and losing tends not to surface in his life.

He is pretty steady." Annacone stressed that Federer's position and status in the sport come with a lot of responsibility, which the 39-year-old is adept at handling. "He loves the game of tennis and enjoys the environment," Annacone said.

"He has been at the top of the game for many years, and he accepts and enjoys the responsibility of being 'Roger Federer' — that sounds easy, but it is not."