Roger Federer: 'Some people think for days about the mistakes, but I...'

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Roger Federer: 'Some people think for days about the mistakes, but I...'

The Coronavirus pandemic, which broke out in 2020 and is still ongoing today, has hit the entire planet hard. Several sectors brought to their knees by the weeks of quarantine and the consequent closures: from the economic one, needless to say, to the sports one, without considering the significant repercussions on a psychological and mental level.

To date, Monday 29 March, there are over two and a half million deaths caused by the virus, while the infections have already exceeded 125 million for some time. As for tennis, in 2020 the ATP and WTA calendars had to stop for several months, resuming only in late summer.

Events such as Wimbledon and the Tokyo Olympics have been canceled or postponed, as well as Roland Garros in Paris - also held in late spring - which took place between September and October. Obviously, even a sector such as tourism could only be violently impacted by the pandemic, with the various countries having seen their main cities empty and turn into abandoned places.

Unfortunately, Switzerland was not an exception. For this reason, Switzerland Tourism has decided to contact none other than former ATP number one Roger Federer, who announced his new collaboration through a post on social media.

“I have always perceived as if I was representing Switzerland”, said Roger, as also reported by Swissinfo, “not only thanks to the Olympic Games or team competitions. I am very proud to have done this for the 22 years I have spent on the Tour."

Former World No. 1 Roger Federer has entertained fans for close to two decades. The accomplishments earned by him over these years have made it to record books, and he has dominated the tennis circuit for long durations. However, during his career, while he has enjoyed many wins, he has also suffered losses.

Roger Federer reveals the method to cope with losses

Roger Federer stated, “It’s from my defeats that I’ve learned the most. The most important thing is not to give them too much emotional importance. Don’t judge yourself at all costs.

Analyze and understand. You can do this alone, or by talking with others to get them out of the disappointment. Some people think for days and nights about the mistakes they made. I chose to analyze very quickly. It helps me to move on”.

However, with time, Federer has learned to cope with these setbacks. He faced a similar situation when he lost to Djokovic in the 2019 Wimbledon final. It was a difficult defeat for Roger to digest because he had two match points but failed to convert any and ended up losing the match.