Roger Federer: 'Everyone knows at least one person who...'

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Roger Federer: 'Everyone knows at least one person who...'
Roger Federer: 'Everyone knows at least one person who...'

Roger Federer has lived through the 2020 season from afar, having twice operated on his right knee a few weeks after the end of the Australian Open. His return to the field took place in Doha earlier this month, where the Swiss phenomenon was unable to make it past the quarter-finals, losing a comeback to Georgian Basilashvili.

The renunciation of Dubai and Miami slightly frightened his countless fans, who were eager to see him in action for more time at the age of 40. The former world number 1 has opted instead for an additional training block, waiting to know what he will be planning for Wimbledon.

The 39-year-old from Basel had promised to play some tournaments on red, but his name does not appear in the entry list of the Masters 1000 in Monte Carlo. We will see if the 20-time Grand Slam champion will be present in the following events in Madrid and Rome.

Interviewed by 'Numero' in recent days, King Roger analyzed how the pandemic had also affected his family.

Roger Federer on his off-court life during the ongoing pandemic

"I made video meetings with ATP, I communicated with Rafa [Nadal] in particular," Roger Federer stated.

"In my normal life, everything was improvised based on the results. I often left at the last minute, took out my things and put them back together. Since the confinement, I have had time." Roger Federer then pointed out how the pandemic has given a new layer of meaning to the daily pleasantries exchanged by people.

According to the Swiss, you previously wouldn't give too much thought to answer a question about your well-being, but that is no longer the case. "Before, we would say 'Hi, how are you?', the other would quickly answer and move on," Federer said.

"Today that makes sense. Everyone knows at least one person who has caught the virus, we hope not to catch it, the whole world is in the same situation. Having said that, to be completely honest, I am doing very well despite the crazy 12 months I just had: two knee operations and a pandemic.

With my wife, it turned into a downturn year. Sometimes whole weeks went by without any particular event," Federer said. "We have strictly followed the rules here in Switzerland. Besides, it was nice to come back to my country where, in general, I don't spend more than three months a year.

The only time I've been here for a long time was in 2016, already because of my knee. We were able to see our close friends and relatives, but rather outside. It was super strange at first, now we know how to deal with it."

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