Roger Federer: 'With my wife, it turned into a...'

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Roger Federer: 'With my wife, it turned into a...'

Can you imagine that Roger Federer instead of being a tennis player would have been a footballer? That was a possibility that the 39-year-old Swiss himself assured that he was in a moment of his life, although in the end he ended up opting for the “white sport”.

And he was not wrong. Today he is considered one of the greatest in history. "At 12 I had to choose between tennis and soccer. It was easy enough to be honest, I was successful in soccer, but it doesn't keep up with tennis, soccer has been around for many years longer than tennis.

I like that I am the culprit if I lose, "said the current world number six. "If I play like I do today, it's probably thanks to Peter Carter. I will miss him forever. His death was so tragic, it shook my world, it shocked me.

In some ways it was a real wake-up call, it was like 'Now let's get really serious about tennis,'" added the Swiss Maestro. The truth is that the winner of 20 Grand Slams has won the affection of millions of fans around the world who cannot imagine tennis without his figure.

At 39, Federer is still one of the best in the world and hopes to reaffirm it in the remainder of 2021, after a year practically stopped where he underwent two surgeries on his right knee and only returned to the circuit last month.

In a recent interview with Numero, Roger Federer detailed the activities he indulged in during his rehabilitation period. The Swiss star revealed that watching films and TV shows wasn't usually part of his daily itinerary; instead, he would try and get involved in home decisions that his usual tennis life doesn't allow him to.

Federer asserted that he himself hadn't suffered much

Roger Federer asserted that he himself hadn't suffered much during the last year, either in terms of the pandemic or the knee injury. However, the 39-year-old couldn't say the same about his wife Mirka.

"Before, we would say 'Hi, how are you?', the other would quickly answer and move on," Federer said. "Today that makes sense. Everyone knows at least one person who has caught the virus, we hope not to catch it, the whole world is in the same situation.

Having said that, to be completely honest, I am doing very well despite the crazy 12 months I just had: two knee operations and a pandemic. With my wife, it turned into a downturn year."