'His baseline game is at the levels of Roger Federer, Nadal, Djokovic', says legend

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'His baseline game is at the levels of Roger Federer, Nadal, Djokovic', says legend

Berrettini, Fognini, Jannik Sinner, Sonego, Travaglia, Caruso, Musetti, Mager, Cecchinato, Seppi. Since this morning, scrolling through the elite of world tennis - which in numbers is the top 100 - there are ten Italian players.

It has been a record since there is a computer to establish a numerical ranking! The previous record, reached a couple of weeks ago, has been retouched with double figures thanks to the entry - or rather, the return - of Gianluca Mager, fresh from the fresh victory in the Marbella challenger with victory in the final against Jaume Munar, who he finds his place in 91st position, one behind Musetti, overtaking even Cecchinato (93) and Seppi (96).

The Italian tennis movement is increasingly growing, Mager made the final and won in the Challenger in Marbella, but on the other side of the world, at the Miami Open, the young blue Jannik Sinner touched the feat and only gave up in the final to the Masters 1000 (his third career) against Polish tennis player Hubert Hurkacz.

Sinner, Musetti, Berrettini are just some of the players who represent the growth of Italian tennis and this record of 10 Italians in the Top 100 certifies the growth of the Italian movement with some of the most talented young people on the international circuit.

Former French Open champion Adriano Panatta recently waxed lyrical about countryman Jannik Sinner’s ball-striking ability and baseline game. Panatta also likened Sinner’s physique to that of the famous Disney character Goofy.

Panatta also showered rich praise on Sinner’s baseline game, placing it on the same level as that of Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal.

Panatta praises his countryman Jannik Sinner

"Jannik Sinner is very strong, I've never seen a tennis player hit so hard lately, maybe Del Potro did," Adriano Panatta said.

"In the game from the baseline, he is almost unbeatable, at the levels of Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal." The 70-year-old explained that the teenager doesn’t need a beefy body to generate power, since he has immaculate technique.

"Jannik has this body that looks like Walt Disney's Pippo (Italian name for Goofy)," Panatta said. "Slender, a bit slouching, yet he pulls crazy shots because he hits well. A lot of muscles are not even needed, he's all technique."

When asked about Jannik Sinner’s Grand Slam prospects, Adriano Panatta claimed he couldn't give an exact prediction. "When will he win the Grand Slam? I don't know, this year or next," Panatta added.

"He has all the potential to make a career at the top of the world but he is young and then he depends on many things, in life you never know."