'Roger Federer is not among the favorites but...', says tennis expert

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'Roger Federer is not among the favorites but...', says tennis expert

Roger Federer present at the Halle tournament also in 2022. Exactly, the tennis player has no intention of giving up playing and he is not completely wrong. The tennis champion will participate in one of his favorite tournaments both this year and next year.

Roger's calendar begins to fill with commitments. Roger Federer certainly needs no introduction, his epic plays on the tennis courts have always spoken for him. When one is a champion, there is no age, injury or other commitment to keep.

2020 was not a very easy year for the Swiss who was forced to take a long break due to two knee surgeries. The champion, who hadn't even played the Australian Open, returned to the field with his racket in the Doha tournament.

One of Roger's goals is the Tokyo Olympics but before these also the German tournament in Halle. The ATP 500 on grass will be held from 14 to 20 June 2021. This competition is certainly not new to the tennis player who made his debut on those fields in the now distant 2000, obtaining many successes.

Since 2013 Federer has won five Halle trophies and now he will get back into the game to try to reconfirm himself as champion, not only in the 2021 edition but also in the one to come, that is in 2022. Federer at the age of 40 still wants to play, hungry of victories and desire to get involved.

Here is in my opinion what his secret is: passion, the real one. Roger Federer once again aroused admiration a few weeks ago when he returned to Dubai. After 1 year of inactivity, the Helvète delivered an absolutely remarkable game against Dan Evans before falling, worn out, against Nikoloz Basiliashvili.

All observers were amazed and Jean-René Lisnard first. The boss of the Elite Tennis Center admitted to the microphone of Tennis Actu to have been impressed by the level of play of the Maestro after such a long period of absence.

Everyone is asking the same question. Can Roger Federer win Wimbledon? Dreams are allowed for Jean-René Lisnard even if it will of course be very hard.

Lisnard talks about Roger Federer

"Roger Federer has surprised me so much over the years.

I would find it hard to believe that he is still winning anything. By dint of stopping for a long time, it becomes very hard. But, at the same time, when you see the level of his first round against Dan Evans in Dubai... When you stop 18 months, I know what it is and the level he showed is exceptional.

He has that in him the guy. 'He's ready mentally and physically, winning a big title maybe not impossible. When you have few benchmarks, it's tough. The Wimbledon dream holds up. Who could not put Federer's potential winner? a Grand Slam? Apart from a madman...

For me, he is not among the favorites. You have seasoned guys who train every day. On a Grand Slam in 5 sets, we know the difficulty on the fortnight" - Jean-René Lisnard explained.