'Roger Federer invited me to take a trip to the desert', says young star

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'Roger Federer invited me to take a trip to the desert', says young star

One month before its 6th edition, the Geneva tournament has been confirmed this year. And with the one week delay from Roland Garros, his field should be top flight. The organizers are very confident and even hope to attract Roger Federer.

One year after its cancellation due to the coronavirus, the Geneva tournament is back on the program for players of the ATP circuit. And one month before the start of the tournament, the Geneva Open sees its list of registered players swell with some pretty names.

Among them Denis Shapovalov or Benoit Paire should be there. Good news for the organizers due in part to the postponement of Roland Garros for a week which allows the date of the Swiss tournament to become very advantageous.

This is why the tournament is now very ambitious in choosing its players and the dream of seeing Roger Federer play at home is more than relevant. With a week of rest before Roland Garros, the Swiss legend, who will ignore Rome, could be tempted to complete his preparation on clay in order to regain pace before the Parisian Grand Slam and Wimbledon.

And on this goal, the whole team of the tournament is pushing: "It's clear that we dream of it. For the past six years, we have been chatting with Roger and his team every time, with the view that he will play once at the Geneva Open.

We hope this can be a good year."

Stricker talks about Roger Federer

Speaking to the watson.ch website, Dominic Stricker said of Roger Federer: “Spending three weeks training with him made a big difference. He gave me a lot of advice and then, both before and after each training session, we chatted for a while.

He also invited me to take a trip to the desert with him. The truth is that Federer is the perfect example to follow, both on and off the pitch. Seeing how he behaves in every training session and the way he faces life is incredible ”.

The Swiss also mentioned the inevitable comparison with Federer: "The comparisons don't put pressure on me, but they motivate me a lot." Stricker finally commented on his recent success at the Lugano Challenger last March, where he overtook the Ukrainian Vitaliy Sachko with a score of 6-4 6-2 in the last match: “The job well done is starting to give its fruits and in that week I felt a lot of self-confidence.

I still have to improve in everything, especially in the serve, which is the blow on which I invest more time and effort ”. Federer, who returned to the Doha circuit at the beginning of March, preferred to forgo the next round in Dubai, where the Russian Aslan Karatsev won.