'If Roger Federer and Nadal were both playing the same way...', says huge actor

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'If Roger Federer and Nadal were both playing the same way...', says huge actor

Many are wondering when Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic will leave room for the youngest. In the last two seasons, the gap between the Big 3 and the Next Gen has narrowed more and more, without there being a real handover.

The Slams have in fact remained the property of the three sacred monsters, who have further enriched their already phenomenal showcases. At the US Open 2020, Dominic Thiem became the first player born in the 90s to win a Major, although the Austrian was able to benefit from the absence of Roger and Rafa and the sensational disqualification of Djokovic.

The 2021 Australian Open seemed fertile ground for the unleashed Daniil Medvedev, whose ride abruptly broke in the last act in front of the number 1 in the world. Thanks to that success, Nole was only two points away from the eternal rivals in the all-time Grand Slam standings.

In a lengthy interview with 'Vulture', famous Danish actor Mads Mikkelsen illustrated what makes the Big 3 so captivating.

Mikkelsen on his passion for Roger Federer

"You’re building stories around these guys.

But it’s the style, obviously," Mads Mikkelsen said. "It's wonderful to watch this bull terrier Rafael Nadal, who is so physical and intelligent. Playing this elegant tennis, Roger Federer, who's (like) playing the finest violin in the world.

If they were both playing the same way, it might be boring." Mads Mikkelsen is currently in Mallorca, which is home to none other than Rafael Nadal. The Dane revealed he has never met Nadal, before adding that he has watched the 13-time champion in action at Roland Garros.

"I've seen him quite a few times, not here, but I've seen him play at the French Open," Mikkelsen said. "Nothing beats Federer though. Even when he loses, he’s just amazing to watch. It's insane."

Rafael Nadal has shared his thoughts on the return of old rival and Big 3 peer Roger Federer to Roland-Garros. The current World No.3 said the decision by the champion to come back to a Grand Slam that hasn’t proved anywhere near as lucky and fruitful as the others hasn’t taken him by surprise.

Speaking to Spanish publication Marçà, Nadal said the return of the 20-time Grand Slam champion to the French Open is a huge “positive” not only for his fans but also for the sport. The 39-year-old Swiss returned to action after a 14-month break from the Tour to recover from a second knee surgery that he underwent last year.

Though it’s not known if Nadal had a prior word with Federer about his return to Roland-Garros, the Spaniard said he “knew” about it. “I knew it before and I think it is positive for him and for tennis in general,” the 13-time French Open champion said.