'Is there a lot of other people pulling ahead of Roger Federer?', says top coach

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'Is there a lot of other people pulling ahead of Roger Federer?', says top coach

Little by little the tournaments, some of them, are recovering the energy and emotion in the stands with the limited presence of the public in their facilities, in the case of the Masters 1000 in Madrid, for example, which confirmed the return of the fans to its next edition.

Otherwise it happens with the resounding ATP 250 of Geneva, a special edition because it will feature the local idol, Roger Federer, who confirmed through his social networks that he will play this event, in addition to Roland Garros.

For the Swiss tournament, the absence of public for this edition has been announced, to which many fans would surely want to attend to see the return of the 20 Grand Slams champion, who in more than 14 months has only played the ATP 250 in Doha.

The Swiss competition, which will be held from May 16 to 22, will adapt to these times of pandemic, avoiding crowds that could trigger coronavirus cases, a decision that the tournament director, Thierry Grin, communicated to the digital portal Le Temps: " There is so much demand to see Federer play!

We receive hundreds of inquiries a day. People are finding my phone number. I would not be surprised if they were building a tree house in the park," said the leader. Other information that was confirmed is that the complex where this Geneva Open will be held, one hundred people will be allowed to enter under biosafety measures, including staff, referees, media, organizers and volunteers, in addition to Players.

Roger Federer will return to play in his country after playing the Basel tournament in 2019. Former pros Jimmy Arias and Paul Annacone recently discussed Roger Federer’s chances at Roland Garros. Arias and Annacone both believe Federer is still amongst the best claycourters in the business, and as such isn't behind too many players in the list of favorites.

Paul Annacone on Roger Federer's chance in Paris

"Yeah look I mean we talk about Roger Federer and his claycourt tennis, when you look at that right there (2019 RG run), he can play on clay," Paul Annacone said.

"And Jimmy you mentioned how well he’s played on clay. There happens to be a Spanish guy that’s pretty good, has smothered some of his best chances at Roland Garros, but I agree with what you said. Other than Novak and Rafa and probably Thiem, except the way Thiem’s feeling right now emotionally, is there a lot of other people pulling ahead of Roger Federer at Roland Garros?"