'It was easier for me to convince Roger Federer than...', says top coach

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'It was easier for me to convince Roger Federer than...', says top coach

Go on and not for Rafael Nadal. The Spanish tennis player continues to increase his record and took another step in search of one of the great records in professional tennis. Currently the number two in the world is the fourth player in all history in the "Open Era" who has won the most titles in his career, with a total of 87, 22 behind the record holder.

There are only two players who have exceeded the barrier of 100 tournaments won. The first was the American Jimmy Connors and the second the Swiss Roger Federer, who is still active today. With the title won on Sunday at the Barcelona Open, the Spanish tennis player added 87 awards throughout his career, settling in fourth place in history, 22 from the top.

Connors retired in 1996 with 109 championships, at the moment six ahead of his main pursuer. Federer accumulates 103, with the possibility of continuing to increase trophies, although each time physical problems keep him from success on the tour.

After them, in third place comes the former American tennis player Ivan Lendl with 94 championships. That's Nadal's next qualifying hurdle. There are seven tournaments that separate the Mallorcan from the podium, a figure that he could begin to reduce as of next week when he plays the Mutua Madrid Open.

Of those 87 championships that Rafa holds, 61 has achieved it on brick dust, the highest in history. The other threat in this group is called Novak Djokovic. The 33-year-old Serbian has 82 titles in his track record and remains number one in the world, so it is expected that he will continue to fight for the great ATP championships.

Tennis ace Roger Federer is one of the most decorated players. During his career, he has been under the guidance of many notable coaches. American former tennis player and now coach Paul Annacone was the Swiss maestro’s coach for a brief period.

He was appointed in August 2010 and helped Federer win his seventh Wimbledon title. He compared Taylor’s stubbornness to that of Federer’s and Sampras’. He coached the 14-time Grand Slam champion, Pete Sampras, for the longest time.

Paul Annacone opens up on Roger Federer

“Yes, Pete Sampras and Roger Federer were stubborn in a very different way. Ironically, it was easier for me to convince Roger and Pete to do things at times than Taylor, but they were older and more mature when I was with them and Taylor is still a kid" - Paul Annacone said.

“If Pete disagreed with me he would disagree, but I didn’t need to have a law degree to convince him of what if I gave him the facts he would just shift and Roger was the same. Taylor, sometimes I feel like I got to go to law school to figure out how I can convince him that I’m right but again that can be a strength. It’s a matter of him just tweaking that valve a little bit”.