Roger Federer: 'My mother regularly needed to play a match of softball with me'

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Roger Federer: 'My mother regularly needed to play a match of softball with me'

The Mutua Madrid Open is already underway and this year we will experience the tournament in a very special way. Given the exceptional situation we are currently experiencing, the Madrid ATP Masters 1000 has joined forces with Orange to bring the tournament and its players as close as possible to the fans with the MMOPEN Inside project.

Since the beginning of the tournament, this project has been allowing spectators to see everything that happens in the back room of the Mutua Madrid Open. For this, six cameras have been placed in different key points of the Magic Box with which the followers will be able to observe unpublished images from their homes.

One of the cameras will be placed at the start at the Manolo Santana Stadium, the central court of the Caja Mágica where great tennis players such as Rafa Nadal, Simona Halep, Dominic Thiem or Petra Kvitova will face off.

The second camera is located at the entry point, where you can see the arrival of the players to the facilities in the official cars. In addition, two more cameras have been installed on the training courts, where you can see the practice sessions of the best players.

Nadal, Muguruza, Tsitsipas and Osaka, among others, will be captured by the cameras as they work on their set-up. The last camera will be placed on the catwalk that connects the courts with the players' area, where many tennis players with their respective teams usually circulate.

A display in detail to fully enjoy the tournament. Six cameras with which viewers will have the opportunity to see what they could not see otherwise, to observe corners of the Magic Box that had never been shown. In order to enjoy all the unpublished images that the six cameras will provide, fans will have to connect through the official Mutua Madrid Open app.

Within the application, the user will have a panel with the six cameras to select the signal they want to follow at all times. During a recent interview, Roger Federer also recalled his school days, and admitted that he was never fond of doing homework.

Roger Federer on doing homework

"Back in school homework was torture, I couldn’t concentrate for too long," Roger Federer revealed. "Therefore my mother regularly needed to play a match of softball with me in the kitchen to distract me and get me moving again."

Roger Federer also spoke about South Africa, a country that he has very deep-rooted ties with. "From my visits to Africa I always travel home with the motivation to do even more," Federer added. "Down there I'm not a tennis star, I'm just Roger."