'Roger Federer just lacks the toughness of the match', says top coach

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'Roger Federer just lacks the toughness of the match', says top coach

Over the years, Roger Federer has shown off some of the best tennis the world has ever seen. With this he has encouraged several young people to practice this sport. He has been a great role model and is one of the most idolized athletes in the world today.

Recently Roger Federer was praised by young tennis sensation Dominic Stricker. The Swiss teenager is in awe of his compatriot. The couple practiced for three weeks in Dubai earlier this season. When Roger was busy training while on the sidelines, Dominic was his practice partner.

The 18-year-old stated: “It was an incredible feeling to practice with him. I was with him for three weeks in Dubai and I learned a lot. I am very happy to show what he taught me. The most important lesson is what he told me to do in the service."

The Swiss teenager was excited to see his idol, Roger Federer. During his time with the 39-year veteran, Stricker sharpened his skills in the game. The greatest lesson he learned from the Swiss Grand Master was to work in his service.

Now, in an interview with the Schweizer Familie, Roger Federer has stated that he is committed to getting back to his old ways. "I will do everything I can to get back on top after my surgery and the long hiatus because of it," said Roger Federer.

"As long as I'm happy and healthy I'll keep playing. Now before you ask me how long I have to tell you, I don't know, honestly." During the interview, Roger Federer also recalled his school days and admitted that he never liked doing homework.

Even though many experts claimed that Roger Federer can excel at the French Open 2021, some believe that he won’t be able to play well at the tournament. One of them is Dominic Thiem’s former coach, Gunter Bresnik.

Bresnik on Roger Federer

In a recent interview, Gunter Bresnik revealed that he doesn’t have big expectations from Roger Federer, especially in Paris. He mentioned that the 39-year-old lacks toughness at this point in his career.

“In Paris, I don’t trust him to win anything. He just lacks the toughness of the match,” said Bresnik. “You must never copy Federer. Everywhere he appears on a tennis court, he is dangerous,” added the tennis coach.

Roger Federer is not playing in Madrid or Rome this season. He’ll just be playing in Geneva to get some practice on clay before playing at the French Open 2021.