'Roger Federer's hands at the net were a...', says ATP legend

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'Roger Federer's hands at the net were a...', says ATP legend

Twenty-time Grand Slam champion Roger Federer, who plans to kick off his clay-court campaign at the Geneva Open in a couple of weeks, was recently announced as the brand's new ambassador for tourism in Switzerland. Federer has ensured, through his various associations, that his brand will not fade anytime soon.

However, as Switzerland's tourism ambassador, Federer will be able to promote his country in a unique way. Robert de Niro joins Roger Federer in a promotional video for Swiss tourism In a new video posted by the Swiss star, he was joined by legendary Hollywood actor Robert De Niro.

The promotional video was intended to welcome people from all over the world to visit Switzerland and enjoy its scenic beauty. In the clip, Robert De Niro said that Switzerland is too perfect for him to act as it needs more drama.

The actor says: “Roger, I am a certain type of actor. I need conflict. Danger. Switzerland is too perfect!" The idea of ​​the promo clip was to show the world how peaceful the country is and how you can enjoy a long and pleasant vacation there.

Federer continues to persuade De Niro to act in the film while he proposes a subject. While Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic have dominated the men's game for over a decade and a half, a newer generation of players has been knocking on the door in the recent past.

In that context, former World No. 1 and Career Grand Slam champion Andre Agassi recently gave his thoughts on the difference between the Next Gen and the Big 3.

Andre Agassi on Roger Federer

"The next generation is on its way," Andre Agassi said during an appearance on the 'The Ranveer Show' podcast.

"You look at Zverev, you look at Thiem. I mean, these guys, I think they realise now that they can't afford to respect the Big 3 (Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic) as much as they have been." Agassi cited the 2005 US Open final in this regard, and talked about the all-rounded nature of Federer's game.

"Roger Federer, for example, I mean, I played him in the finals of 2005 US open and there was no safe place on the court," Agassi said. "At the time he probably had the best forehand in the world. He always aced Roddick more than Roddick aced him.

So you have to give his serve credit; you have to give his return credit; his movement was a joke; his hands at the net were a joke; the versatility (was such) that he might have had five things individually better than everybody else on tour."