'Roger Federer is like a golfer who leads...', says Grand Slam champion

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'Roger Federer is like a golfer who leads...', says Grand Slam champion

Rafael Nadal's start to the season on clay did not see him shine especially. The Spanish tennis legend and king of clay, after the elimination in the quarterfinals in Monte Carlo, is struggling especially in the ATP tournament in Barcelona.The Spaniard reached the quarterfinals but disappointing in both games as he lost a set so much with the Belarusian Ivashka and with the Japanese tennis player Kei Nishikori.

Having clearly dominated the first set, the Spaniard fell into the distance and the former world number 4, thanks to a timid reaction, managed to take home the second set. The first game of the third and decisive set was decisive in the long run with Rafa starting from 0-40 that annulled the break points and thus managed to advance.

Nishikori then released and the match ended 6-0; 2-6; 6-2. When we see Nadal on clay, we all expect great performances and when that does not happen, everyone is surprised. He spoke to the microphones of the British newspaper Metro Rafa about his own conditions and the growth of NextGen, which is increasingly difficult to stop.

He said: “It is normal to find more and more difficulties, we are getting old and it is clear. The new generations are coming and now we are forced to challenge many young talents, but things are even more interesting this way.

There are so many young people and I see great potential, I think many things will change in the next two years. The player who will have the greatest growth will thus have the first successes." In that context, former World No.

1 and Career Grand Slam champion Andre Agassi recently gave his thoughts on the difference between the Next Gen and the Big 3 (Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer). According to Agassi, the younger players have shown a lot of respect to the legendary trio, and that has hurt them.

Agassi talks about Roger Federer

The eight-time Slam champion went on to lavish rich praise on Roger Federer and his unique traits. Andre Agassi cited the 2005 US Open final in this regard, and talked about the all-rounded nature of Federer's game.

"Roger Federer, for example, I mean, I played him in the finals of 2005 US open and there was no safe place on the court," Agassi said. "At the time he probably had the best forehand in the world. He always aced Roddick more than Roddick aced him.

So you have to give his serve credit; you have to give his return credit; his movement was a joke; his hands at the net were a joke; the versatility (was such) that he might have had five things individually better than everybody else on tour."