'I was impressed by Roger Federer's acting', says expert

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'I was impressed by Roger Federer's acting', says expert

Roger Federer is preparing to return "home" to the Geneva tournament from May 16 and shows himself on Instagram struggling with clay. A few days ago, his longtime friend and coach Severin Luhti admitted that he was a little worried about Roger's form, physically not yet at 100 percent to face a tournament.

Roger, forty years old in August, has two key goals for this season: the much-loved Wimbledon, which he has already won eight times, and Olympic gold in Tokyo. The 2020 of the former number 1 was practically all in the infirmary with two operations on his right knee: the first in February immediately after the Australian Open, and another in June for a further cleaning of the joint.

After missing an already shortened season due to the pandemic, Federer returned to the Doha tournament on 8 March, beaten in the second round by Georgian Basilashvili, later winner of the tournament. Initially he had thought of returning to play one of the two Masters 1000 on clay between Madrid and Rome, then he chose to postpone his return to perfect his physical condition.

Roger Federer will play the French Open this year

Roger Federer recently starred in an advertisement for Switzerland Tourism along with legendary Hollywood star Robert de Niro. The commercial, meant to accelerate tourism growth in Switzerland, has grabbed a fair few eyeballs already.

Now, the creative heads behind the film - Andre Hefti and Livio Dainese - have revealed some interesting anecdotes about Roger Federer and Robert de Niro from the shoot. "Roger Federer is exactly the down-to-earth guy you would expect," Livio Dainese said.

"Simply a nice person who is also incredibly talented and successful. I was impressed by Roger's acting and his desire to try things out. And on the other hand Robert De Niro, who was already very good on the first take, but then improved again from take to take.

Impressive." Andre Hefti further highlighted the fact that securing Roger Federer was the biggest golden ticket for Switzerland Tourism. "Our new partnership with Roger Federer opens one or the other door," Hefti said.

"I guess an email from Roger Federer is always happy to be answered - also from De Niro." Interestingly, Hefti also mentioned that Roger Federer is a fan of quality creative work on screen, which strongly hints that we could soon see the 20-time Major champion sharing screen with Tom Hanks.

"Big names always sound exciting," Hefti said. "So we could just write a script. Experience shows that nothing is impossible. And Roger likes emotions and strong stories. Let's see where that can lead."