'Roger Federer is as he is seen on and off the court', says former star

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'Roger Federer is as he is seen on and off the court', says former star

Roger Federer is auctioning memorabilia from his long career in the world of tennis for charity. Among the memorabilia at the auction, for which a real race among collectors will certainly be unleashed, there are the shoes of the Wimbledon victory over Rafael Nadal in 2007 and a racket of success at Roland Garros in Paris in 2009.

In total they are 20 lots with objects belonging to the "Swiss Maestro" that will be auctioned in an online event organized by the London auction house Christie's for June 23rd. Above all, these are memories of the triumphs in the four Grand Slam tournaments.

Another 300 "precious pieces" of Federer's sporting heritage will be available for an online offer from 23 June to 14 July. Proceeds from the initiative will go to the Roger Federer Foundation, which helps children in Africa and Switzerland access education.

Meanwhile, the current number 8 in the world, who will turn 40 in August, is dealing with the ailments of age, without however renouncing the intention to do battle on the tennis courts, with the aim of beating the records of longevity at high levels.

''As a preparation he is a bit behind on the schedule. Training on the pitch is quite intense but we can't do it as often as he would need to approach a tournament - so his coach Severin Luthi recently said, about Federer's physical condition three weeks after returning to the circuit.

Atp expected in Geneva in the second half of May - I try to do everything in my ability to give him a hand. He is a person who knows how to listen and I see my role as a coach more like that of a counselor. In the end - Luthi said - it is he who takes the field, I from the bench I limit myself to transmitting calm and tranquility."

Former pro Filippo Volandri recently gave his views on what sets Roger Federer apart from Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal. Volandri also spoke at length about the Next Gen takeover, particularly focusing on compatriot Jannik Sinner.

Filippo Volandri on Roger Federer

"He (Roger Federer) is as he is seen on and off the court," Filippo Volandri said about Roger Federer. "It (his tennis) is technically and biomechanically perfect. And the fact that he is more emotional which when compared to Nadal's and Djokovic's perfection makes the audience love him more."

Volandri pointed out that Sinner's backhand was astonishingly quick in Miami and Monte Carlo, even edging the speeds put up by Novak Djokovic. "He (Jannik Sinner) has something more, and in many respects," Volandri said.

"First of all, talent, and a quality different from the others. From the data in Miami and Monte Carlo the forehand and backhand were the fastest of all, including Djokovic. He lives for tennis, he looks to improvement and not to results. Today everyone plays well in tennis, the difference is their attitude. And he has it."