'That fact makes the audience love Roger Federer more', says former ace

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'That fact makes the audience love Roger Federer more', says former ace

The new ambassador of Switzerland Tourism Roger Federer is the protagonist of the latest video of the tourism organization, joined by the film legend and Oscar winner Robert De Niro. In the short video, De Niro rejects Roger Federer's invitation to take part in a film about Switzerland.

De Niro does not question that the country offers unspoiled nature and absolutely beautiful landscapes, but in Switzerland he lacks pathos - a key element of his acting. The video, online and available all over the world, in just 5 days from its publication has exceeded 11 million views.

Former pro Filippo Volandri recently gave his views on what sets Roger Federer apart from Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal.

Volandri opens up on the Big 3

While speaking to Il Giornale, former World No. 25 Filippo Volandri explained why he feels Roger Federer is a unique specimen.

According to Volandri, Federer's tennis is not only flawless but is also aesthetically pleasing. "He (Roger Federer) is as he is seen on and off the court," Filippo Volandri said about Roger Federer. "It (his tennis) is technically and biomechanically perfect.

And the fact that he is more emotional which when compared to Nadal's and Djokovic's perfection makes the audience love him more." According to the Italian, Jannik Sinner needs 'maturity' like Novak Djokovic and a 'little luck' to climb to the top of the ranking charts.

"Hard to say now. It takes a lot of things, even a little luck," Volandri said. "And then the right maturity: look at Djokovic, capable of climbing to the top and staying there for so long." Like a true-blue Swiss, chocolates happen to be Roger Federer’s poison and he doesn’t shy away from conceding as much.

In an interview with New York Times, the 20-time Grand Slam champion opened up on his love for chocolates of every flavor and make. Asked if chocolates are a big part of his culinary cravings, the eight-time Wimbledon champion said, “I mean, chocolate, hello, you have to love chocolate if you’re Swiss.

I used to be white, then I was milk, and now I even like going dark. I like it all”. He added that Bündner Nusstorte is a delicacy that is native to the Graubünden region of Switzerland, and it is delectable in its richness and taste.

“Then I like the Bündner Nusstorte, which is like a nut tart from the region of Graubünden. That’s beautiful,” Federer said.