'Roger Federer is a nice person who is also incredibly...', says expert

The Swiss Maestro has been the epitome of sustained excellence and longevity

by Simone Brugnoli
'Roger Federer is a nice person who is also incredibly...', says expert

Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic have broken every record in this sport in the last twenty years and have achieved phenomenal results. The three tennis champions have achieved record after record, they have divided weeks, months or years at the top of the world rankings and the three have won, numbers in hand, as many as 58 Grand Slam titles.

Also in the last year Novak Djokovic and Rafael Nadal divided the Grand Slam titles and the only Slam conquered by Dominic Thiem at the US Open was won without Nadal and Federer and with Novak Djokovic due to the famous episode of the chairman .

At the same time, however, there is a statistic that shows that their dominance is no longer unchallenged as it was some time ago. Novak Djokovic remains number one in the world, Nadal will aim this year to overtake or rather detach Roger Federer in the Slam race: with the eventual victory at Roland Garros, the Spaniard will go to 21 and will be the tennis player with the most titles in history.

Through his social networks, Eurosport colleague Fernando Murciego published a post that highlights the decline: Daniil Medvedev in Paris Bercy, Hubert Hurkacz in Miami, Tsitsipas in Monte Carlo and Alexander Zverev now at the Mutua Madrid Open.

There are four consecutive Masters 1000 that no member of the Big Three wins, a situation that had not occurred even since 2003. In these tournaments we have seen sensational defeats of both Djokovic and Nadal, the Serbian has succumbed to Monte Carlo against the British Daniel Evans while Rafa lost against Rublev in Monte Carlo and in this tournament, in Madrid, he surrendered in the quarter-finals against the German Alexander Zverev.

Hefti and Dainese reveal some interesting anecdotes

Roger Federer recently starred in an advertisement for Switzerland Tourism along with legendary Hollywood star Robert de Niro. The commercial, meant to accelerate tourism growth in Switzerland, has grabbed a fair few eyeballs already.

Now, the creative heads behind the film - Andre Hefti and Livio Dainese - have revealed some interesting anecdotes about Roger Federer and Robert de Niro from the shoot. "Robert de Niro is a reserved person but has a lot of humor," Andre Hefti said.

"And can laugh at himself. The idea obviously suited him. He also values Roger Federer very much and just wanted to do this with him." Livio Dainese, meanwhile, shed some light on Federer and De Niro's personalities as well as their performances in the commercial.

"Roger Federer is exactly the down-to-earth guy you would expect," Livio Dainese said. "Simply a nice person who is also incredibly talented and successful. I was impressed by Roger's acting and his desire to try things out. And on the other hand Robert De Niro, who was already very good on the first take, but then improved again from take to take. Impressive."

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