'When you see Roger Federer play, you think...', says top footballer

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'When you see Roger Federer play, you think...', says top footballer

Roger Federer is not only an idol for young tennis stars, but also for athletes from other disciplines. In addition to having collected countless triumphs in the last two decades, the former world number 1 was also an example of class, elegance and longevity, managing to be competitive at the highest levels even in old age.

After undergoing two operations on his right knee last year, the Swiss phenomenon made his debut in Doha in 2021, where he reached the quarter-finals, arousing good impressions to his fans. His competitive interlude did not last long, as the King opted for a further block of training with the aim of improving his physical form.

His return is expected next week in Geneva, which will be his only preparation test ahead of Roland Garros. As repeated several times by the same 20-time Grand Slam champion, his mind is already focused on Wimbledon and the Tokyo Olympics, which have been postponed by twelve months due to the outbreak of the global pandemic.

The 39-year-old from Basel has never worn the gold medal in singles, having had to settle for silver in London in 2012. In the course of a recent interview, the very strong Liverpool defender Virgil Van Dijk reiterated all his boundless admiration for the Master.

Van Dijk pays tribute to Roger Federer

“When you see him (Roger Federer) play, you think he is not sweating. That is mentally difficult for his opponent. He thinks he is good, but not even trying. My opponent must also think that it is easy for me, although I never think so myself,” said Virgil Van Dijk.

The Dutch football player mentioned that Roger never seems like he is sweating even when he is facing a difficult situation. He stated that it becomes so easy for any opponent when he realizes that the player is under some pressure but Roger never looks to be under pressure.

Virgil suffered from an unfortunate injury at the beginning of the 2020-21 football season. It seems that he hasn’t recovered from the injury yet and will miss the Euro Cup 2021. Guy Forget, the tournament director of Roland Garros, recently gave his thoughts on Roger Federer's achievements at the claycourt Slam in the Rafael Nadal era.

Forget believes Federer would've been immensely successful at Roland Garros in Nadal's absence, and might have even won 5 or 6 titles there. "That Roger Federer comes to play Roland Garros seems logical to me," Forget said.

"This will allow him to play, and especially to test himself. Clay is a living surface that requires you to be precise in your investments. The better Federer is at Roland Garros, the better he will be at Wimbledon."