'With Nadal and Djokovic, Roger Federer enhanced tennis...', says former star

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'With Nadal and Djokovic, Roger Federer enhanced tennis...', says former star

Roger Federer won a gold in doubles in his career at the 2008 Beijing Games and a silver in singles four years later in London. However, his goals for the Tokyo Olympics are quite clear: "I would like to play in the Olympics and win a medal for Switzerland - he underlined - This would make me particularly proud"

But of course Federer will have to deal with the pandemic in Japan: "If this doesn't happen because of this situation, I would be the first to understand." But at the same time the tennis champion reaffirmed the concept of clarity.

There has been a lot of talk in recent times about the dispute or not of the Games in Japan, so much so that it was also hypothesized to move them elsewhere: "Athletes today need a certain decision" The Swiss has no news on the matter but spoke of positive feelings: "At the moment we have the impression that it will happen.

Then everyone can decide to participate or not depending on how they feel." In the meantime, the petition calling for the cancellation of the rescheduled Games reached 350,000 signatures in nine days, raising many questions to the organizers.

Marc Rosset talks about Roger Federer

In an interaction with Swiss magazine Illustre, Marc Rosset first laid bare his reverence for Roger Federer's tennis skills. When asked to pick one of Federer's skills that he would like to possess, Rosset went with the 20-time Major champion's ability to read the game better than anyone else.

"His vision," Rosset said. "Like a Zidane or a Maradona in football, they see everything faster. With Roger, we are in 'Matrix' Top players have better eye-hand-brain coordination. It always seems like they have time."

The 50-year-old also likened the rivalry between the three greats to some of the legendary rivalries from other sports. "With Nadal and Djokovic, Federer enhanced tennis, blew up the prize money," Rosset added. "Their rivalry is phenomenal, equal to Prost-Senna or Jordan-Bird."

He returned at the ATP 250 event in Doha in March this year. Although he did not last long in the tournament, he was content with his performance, as he had returned after a lengthy period. Currently, he is eager to get back to playing, something that he is best known for.

He is scheduled to play the winner of the match between Australian tennis player Jordan Thompson and Spanish tennis player Pablo Andujar. All eyes will be on the Swiss superstar as fans are waiting to catch a glimpse of their favorite player.