'Some say Roger Federer is diplomatic, but listen...', says former ATP ace

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'Some say Roger Federer is diplomatic, but listen...', says former ATP ace

The Olympic Games risk definitive cancellation, again due to the pandemic. On the other hand, Japan is struggling to contain Covid-19 and Tokyo is still in a state of emergency. That is, the Japanese government and organizers have released the second version of the "playbook", the protocol that will guide behavior within an Olympic bubble.

Already deprived of international spectators who will not be able to leave, waiting for the third version that could just exclude the public from the systems. However, great doubts remain about the fact that an event can be celebrated with more than two hundred nations present, with ten thousand athletes plus all the following.

"Honestly I don't know what to think - Roger Federer told Swiss television Leman Bleu - I would like to participate in the Olympics, win a medal for Switzerland. It would make me particularly proud. But if it doesn't happen because of this situation, I would be the first to understand.

. I think what athletes need is a decision: Will they be there or not? At the moment, we have the impression that it will happen. We know it's a fluid situation. And you can also decide as an athlete whether you want to go or not.

that there is a lot of resistance, maybe it's better not to go… I don't know."

Roger Federer is eager to get back to playing

Former World No. 9 Marc Rosset recently spoke at length about countryman Roger Federer, comparing the 39-year-old's technical instincts to those of Zinedine Zidane and Diego Maradona.

"His vision," Marc Rosset said. "Like a Zidane or a Maradona in football, they see everything faster. With Roger, we are in 'Matrix' Top players have better eye-hand-brain coordination. It always seems like they have time."

Rosset claimed he wouldn't be surprised if the duo one day extended their friendship to off-court activities as well. "Some say he is diplomatic, but listen to his press conferences, he says it all," Rosset said.

"For me, Nadal and Federer are Siamese twins, for their simplicity and their humility, in their values and the conception of their sport. If one day they both go fishing, I wouldn't be surprised." Currently, he is eager to get back to playing, something that he is best known for.

He is scheduled to play the winner of the match between Australian tennis player Jordan Thompson and Spanish tennis player Pablo Andujar. All eyes will be on the Swiss superstar as fans are waiting to catch a glimpse of their favorite player.