Roger Federer: 'I heard that a lot of people were against...'


Roger Federer: 'I heard that a lot of people were against...'

The one taken against Andujar was not an absolutely unforeseeable defeat for Roger Federer. Under normal conditions, the Swiss champion would probably have had no problem in overcoming the 75th ranked player in the knockout stages of the Geneva tournament.

The long stop with related recovery from physical problems, the only two games played in 2021, and the abstinence of almost two years from clay, however, represented a heavy burden for the Swiss "maestro" who was unrecognizable against Andujar, even perhaps physiologically .

There is still a long way to go and even Roger is aware of it. The Swiss, in light of his exceptional experience, understood this right away and in fact had an approach to the match that was not too "tense". Proof of this are the curious reactions after red circle errors with the forehand, incomprehensible to a player of his caliber.

From the initial "ohiohiohi" to that "halo?", Asked himself, as if to say "are you there?" after throwing a ball out by at least one meter. It is useless to get angry, and perhaps even impossible to ask for more, after so many months of inactivity and only 3 games played in 2021.

So many components to rearrange for Roger, that even when he managed to "fix" his forehand returned imperious in the second and third set, he had to deal with an impeccable mental attitude. Here then, with the advantage of a break, he managed to get back from a very regular Andujar, collecting 4 games in a row to sanction his defeat.

Certainly the surface, undoubtedly the least popular (and on which he had not played for almost two years), did not help Federer, who will now have two weeks to prepare himself in the best possible way for Roland Garros.

Roger Federer on his participation at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics

Roger Federer also talked at length about his participation at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, the fate of which hangs in the balance due to the surge in COVID-19 cases in Japan.

"We barely hear about them at the moment, I heard that a lot of people were against the games in Tokyo," Federer said. "Two percent of the Japanese population seem vaccinated. I'm between two schools," he added. "I would be so happy to play and win a medal for Switzerland.

But if it can't happen because of the situation, I will be the first to understand it. The knee and the family will drive that," Federer replied when asked if he had made any retirement plans. "The idea is to come back, see at what level, and then see how I can handle stress and everything. No plan at the moment."

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