Roger Federer on Alexander Zverev's domestic abuse issue

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Roger Federer on Alexander Zverev's domestic abuse issue

After a long wait, the Swiss champion Roger Federer came back this week to play in the ATP tournament in Geneva, after months of absence from the ATP Tour. In the home event, Roger was defeated in three sets by Pablo Andujar with the final score of 4-6 6-4 4-6.

In the press conference, the twenty-time winner of Grand Slam titles dealt with many topics and also talked about a possible code in the ATP regarding accusations of domestic abuse. This discussion was born regarding the controversy that affected the situation of Alexander Zverev and the story with his former-girlfriend Olga Sharypova, a situation that led to the breakup of the German with the well-known Team 8, an agency that sees Roger Federer himself as protagonist.

Roger Federer's words about Alexander Zverev

Answering the question of the well-known journalist Ben Rothenberg, the Swiss tennis player made important statements: "I have a fairly close relationship with Team8 and Tony Godsick but regarding these situations, these are decisions that Tony and his team make.

What I can say is that Sascha Zverev is a good guy, when things go well I can only be happy. I don't make decisions like this and it's not up to me to talk about them. That's a story of the past but in general I think that Zverev, after what happened, wanted to feel comfortable with his team.

I have nothing to do with it, but what I have always wanted to make sure is that, regardless of the player, whether it is Dimitrov, Del Potro or now I am thinking of Coco Gauff, the important thing is that the team does not have to enter into the private things of the tennis player.

Zverev wanted to start from scratch and I think he took his choice of him consciously, even Tony and the agency thought so and so it's okay. I'm happy when Sascha is fine, I don't talk about the accusations because they are a very private thing.

We are freelancers, it is different than other sports and it is different than if you play in a team. Obviously there must be a code about it, but at the moment it already exists and we should understand how far one can go in the private life of a tennis player. It's a complicated situation and I don't like talking about it."