'That helps me to see how good Roger Federer is...', says young ATP ace

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'That helps me to see how good Roger Federer is...', says young ATP ace

Despite playing at home, Roger Federer was clear that his objective in this new return to activity is to have a good Roland Garros tournament but especially Wimbledon, his favorite Grand Slam. The 39-year-old Swiss tennis player, current world number nine, commented after his defeat in the second round of the ATP 250 in Geneva that "my real goal this season is the grass tour and not Roland Garros.

The next few weeks will be of the utmost importance to me. Now I need to get used to the circuit and add games" On his loss to Pablo Andújar, he explained:" I am not so disappointed by the result, but by the tournament because people wanted to see me here.

I expected a better version of my tennis, but training has nothing to do with matches. Today I did not know how to make a difference in key moments." Losing is no drama. I have made a lot of mistakes and I have to accept it because it is part of the process that I have to go through.

I know my limitations right now, but that doesn't mean that I won't be hard to beat. The important thing will be the next few weeks in which I will have to get used to returning to the circuit again," added the Swiss.

Now Federer will have two weeks of preparation to face Roland Garros in a better way, although as he already explained it, he recognized that his eyes are on the mini turf tour, historically in which he has done the best.

Halle and especially Wimbledon appear on the horizon of him, before thinking about participating in the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2021. How far can you imagine reaching Roger Federer in the Parisian Grand Slam?

Dominic Stricker comments on Roger Federer

Teenage prodigy Dominic Stricker has acknowledged the role of his countryman and idol Roger Federer in his recent improvement.

Stricker disclosed how Federer asked him to work extensively on his serve, and also claimed that he is trying to get close to the level of Federer and the other top players. "He (Roger Federer) told me some stuff, like how the serve is important and it’s the only shot in tennis that you can do by yourself," Stricker said.

"You can’t learn it too much, so I just worked really hard on this shot. It’s getting better and I'm winning many points on serve." The 18-year-old also believes he is "close" to Federer's current level, and that with time he hopes to improve even further.

"For sure that helps me to see how good he is and just to see that I’m actually close to his level – maybe not at his level, but I’m just trying to get there," Stricker said. "It helps me to see it. I'm getting better and trying to get to this level where these guys are."