'I still cannot believe it because Roger Federer...', says ATP ace

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'I still cannot believe it because Roger Federer...', says ATP ace

Roger Federer, sponsored by the Japanese retail giant Uniqlo, understandably has a close connection to Japan. And during the Asian leg of the 2018 ATP season, he made a pit stop in Japan to visit his new sponsors. He had a full trip with his family and will be traveling to Japan again this year for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

In a recent interview with Uniqlo, Federer revealed some of the 'firsts' he accomplished on his trip to Japan. He had never visited Kyoto before and neither had he been on the bullet train. It was a personal goal for Federer to visit Japan and show it to his family.

“It was a great experience, to be honest. It is the first time that I go to Kyoto, the first time that I am also on the bullet train. And my family or my wife and we always talk about traveling extensively in Japan. "And I really wanted to get to know the people behind the brand better and also show Japan to my children."

Also, the trip to Japan had a positive effect on his sons, and one of his daughters even started learning Japanese after the trip. Altogether, it was an "inspiring" trip for the Federer family. “They loved it, they still talk about it.

Actually one of my girls started learning Japanese, she hasn't reached that point yet. But she couldn't believe it at 10 years old that she was inspired by this journey to learn the language. "I think it was a very inspiring trip for all of us."

Mirka Federer, Roger Federer's wife, wants a longer trip to Japan.

Pablo Andujar on beating Federer

Pablo Andujar staged a massive upset on Tuesday by beating Roger Federer 6-4, 4-6, 6-4 in the second round of the 2021 Geneva Open.

The Spaniard trailed 4-2 in the decider but played some solid tennis to snatch victory from right under Federer's nose. "As [far as wins, this is] number one for sure," Andujar said. "To win a tournament could be more emotional, but this is something I think I will remember my whole life.

It’s amazing. I still cannot believe it because for me, I said yesterday playing him was a dream. But of course beating him is another level," Andujar told ATPTour.com. "It’s very emotional to play him and to beat him, given the conditions for him coming back and he’s not for sure playing his best tennis. But it really counts a lot to me and it’s very important for me and for the rest of my career."