'That will give Roger Federer the rhythm he needs to get on...', says former ace


'That will give Roger Federer the rhythm he needs to get on...', says former ace

A huge collection of memorabilia will be auctioned by tennis star Roger Federer. A veritable treasure trove of tennis shirts, rackets and shoes accumulated over the last 21 years of his mind-blowing career, with the help of his wife and his family.

The relic will be sold at Christie's from June 23 to July 14, in which Federer hopes to obtain 1.15 million euros from the sale that will go to his foundation -the Roger Federer Foundation- and will be used to carry out educational projects in South Africa and Switzerland.

UK Auction House Chief Executive Officer for Continental Europe Bertold Mueller commented: "This is the largest single owner sports memorabilia collection ever seen on the market." The collection, divided into more than 300 lots, will be on display in Hong Kong until next Tuesday.

On Sunday, 20 lots of four Grand Slams will be offered in a live auction: Wimbledon and the Australian Open, France and the United States. An online auction will take place from June 23 to July 14 with around 300 lots from other tournaments, including his debut at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, when he was only 19 years old.

Corretja on Roger Federer's chance in Paris

Recently, former Davis Cup winner Alex Corretja spoke of the ideal result Roger Federer should aim for at this year’s French Open that would put him in a better mind space moving to the grass-court tournaments.

The 47-year-old former athlete stated, “Well for me honestly reaching quarter-finals would be an amazing result. If I would be Roger which I’m not, of course, I would think to go step by step but reaching quarters I think it will be a major result because that will give him the rhythm he needs to get on the grass and be perfect of situations of different you know breakpoints and then different places to return and move his forehand and backhand mix it up a little bit with the slice”.

The two-time French Open finalist further added, “So that will give him like four-five matches maybe not five sets every match but like three sets one day four sets maybe one five-setter like the tough one that he came through and then give him a good feeling before he gets on grass.

So I think the second week and especially quarters that’s would be a great result”. During an interaction, Roger Federer also reflected on his time spent on the tour (24 years and counting). In particular, Federer highlighted how he has experienced all sorts of ups and downs during this period.

"I can't believe I'm 39, to be honest," Federer said. "Turning 40, it's like my life has gone by on the tour. I've enjoyed so many moments, I've had some tough moments, of course. I've been tired. I was hurt. I was sick. I've played with all sorts of issues.

But I feel like juniors were yesterday. Do I sound like an 80-year-old person who looks back at their childhood as their favorite part?"

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